Back to School Book Exchange Party | Free Printable

Back to School Book Exchange Party | Free PrintableThere isn’t much that is more exciting to kids than presents. So, why not make a party where every guest gets to open a gift? Well that is exactly what you get with a book exchange! Have each child wrap and bring a book surprise to exchange with another friend.

You can have the kids just exchange the books, or have them sit in a circle and exchange via white elephant style. [Read more...]

Back to School Book Exchange Party Invitation idea | Free printable included

book party invitation diy ideaAre you getting ready for Back to School yet? While my daughter is always up for school supply shopping and clothes shopping, back to school isn’t for a while for us. But, I wanted to put together a party that would be fun for the summer, and also could double as a back to school party.

What I came up with was a Book Exchange Party – bookworm style. I thought it would be fabulous to have each child bring a favorite book to exchange for another child’s favorite book. It’s great to try to encourage children to read, no matter what age. If your kids are too young to read, just have a party where the kids bring their favorite picture books.

And, of course, a cute little book invitation and book worms are a must for a Book Exchange party! [Read more...]

PR 101 Local Blogger Workshop

PR 101 blogger workshopIt has taken me over a month, but I am finally writing about our amazing PR 101 Blogger Workshop! Aimee and I hosted this amazing workshop back in early June. We were so excited that our friend and PR guru Lyndsey was able to come down just for the workshop. I had taken her class when I lived in Seattle, so I was so excited to host it here in Utah! PR 101 blogger workshopIt was an amazing night of learning, fun, good food, and great friends! If you are a blogger wanting to branch into working with brands, or getting your content recognized and featured other places, you’ll want to take this class! Head over to Lyndsey’s blog – The Stationery Place, to see where she will be teaching next!

PR 101 blogger workshopAnd – guess what? I’ll be hosting more of these workshops! Except, they won’t all be blogger specific. I’m teaming up with a bunch of very talented ladies who want to share their talent with you!

More on that later, but be sure to sign up to be the first to hear all about it!

Sign up to be the first to hear about more local workshops!

PR 101 blogger workshopAnd, what is a class without a awesome swag bag? The sponsors went far above and beyond to make sure that our class had the best of the best! I love working with every single one of these companies!!! The companies are (starting at the top and going left to right as well as possible)
Stampin’ Up | Avery | Garnish | The Confetti Bar | The Flair Exchange
Sweet Works | Richey And Roo | Just B You Bake It Pretty | Kensie Kate
 Latter-Day Home | Sweetopia | Whisker Graphics | Star And Arrow Designs

free printable note | you are the pineapple of my eye

free printable note | you are the pineapple of my eyeIf you are like me, you’ve got friends who have moved on and are too far away to regularly visit anymore. So, every once in a while, I get the idea to make up a cheeky card to send to them. We’ve been eating a lot of pineapple, so that is what was on my mind when I made up this card. So classy, right?

free printable note | you are the pineapple of my eyeThis card prints out 2 on an 11×17 piece of paper. If your printer doesn’t print larger format, try taking the file over to a copy shop.

Print the free printable You Are The Pineapple Of My Eye card.

Print and cut out the card. Fold the card along each line. Fill in a little friendly love note at the bottom. Fold up the card and stuff it into an A2 sized envelope (4 3/8″ by 5 3/4″).

free printable note | you are the pineapple of my eyeIf you are looking for some other note card ideas, check out my free printable Thank You cards, free printable Mini Square Notes, or my oh so favorite free printable note with a tiny envelope!

Summer Party Free Printable Favor Tag

Summer Party Free Printable Favor TagIt’s no secret that I love to host parties, and I might like to plan them even more. And, I think that this summer has made me want to party even more – is that even possible? I am coming up with any excuse I have to host a party. Warm sun, late nights, fun friends, (new clothes.. haha), and delicious food all rolls together to be such a great time.

Summer Party Free Printable Favor TagAnd, we all know that a party isn’t complete without party favors! But, that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated or expensive. You can easily put together these fun and unique party favors for your next summer event. Wouldn’t these be lovely at a beach wedding or a luau party? All you need to do is buy a bunch of pineapple. Print and cut out the free printable favor tag. And, then, tie the tag onto the pineapple with some ribbon/twine/string.


Download the free printable party favor tag here.


Summer Party Free Printable Favor TagAnd, while it wasn’t planned, wouldn’t these pineapple favors make the perfect party favors for my Birds of a Feather party inspiration board I shared yesterday? I don’t know if I can pass this idea up.

Flamingo Party Ideas

Flamingo Party Ideas

1 : Yard Flamingos | 2 : Pink & Gold Mixed paper straws | 3 : Pineapple Card
4 : Flamingo Picks | 5 :  DIY Gemstone Bobby Pins | 6: Gold Pinata
7 : Gold Painted Feathers | 8 : Black & White Polka Dot

I don’t think I am the only one who is currently obsessed with flamingos + parties. While I just adore the flamingo party my daughter had last year, I am just itching to have a crazy ladies flamingo night. Birds of a Feather should flock together.

 Instead of a monthly book club, I am thinking of starting a monthly party club! Who’s with me?



10 Best Tips for taking Your Own Family Pictures

Top 10 tips for how to take your own Family Pictures!I am taking a small break from parties today to share with you the 10 Best Tips for taking your own Family Pictures. While this might not be party related, it sure is celebrating related!

I love celebrating my family grow and change, and want to document it as much as possible. But, having a professional photographer isn’t always convenient or affordable. So, sometimes, we venture out to see what we can come up with if we do our own family pictures. I’ll admit – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But, the more we do it, the better the pictures get and the more fun we have.

Without further ado, my Best 10 Tips for Taking Your Own Family Pictures:

1. Choose A Flexible Color Palette – Posing your family is going to be the hardest part when taking your own family pictures. Having a very flexible color palette helps keep the style casual. We usually choose a child’s dress (such as my two year old’s floral dress) and have everyone wear a color from that dress.

2. Shoot at the End Of Day – That is when the light is the best, and you will be more likely to get great photos.

3. Shoot on Manual – This is so important! You will have a lot more control over how your pictures turn out if you learn how to shoot on manual. Want some help? I’d recommend this online workshop/book.

Top 10 tips for how to take your own Family Pictures!4. Don’t Stress! Just Re-do – if you feel discouraged at the end of editing your pictures. Just remember – it happens! Not all my DIY photoshoots turn out. The best thing to do is to try to see what went wrong and then just go out and do it again.

5. Take Lots Of Pictures – Especially for a DIY photoshoot. Fill up your memory card! You can always delete the bad ones later. In my most recent DIY photoshoot I ended up taking 250+ pictures (not poses) and was happy with 50+ of them.

6. Watch the Light – You want the light to drape across the face. To start, just avoid facing people into the sun or backs up to the sun. Of course, rules are meant to be broken. As soon as you are comfortable with seeing the light when shooting, feel free to change it up.

7. Post Processing Filters – For some, this is a hidden gem when it comes to DIY photography. The photographer’s job isn’t done once the photoshoot is over. I usually use YSA actions in my post processing. Why not necessary, it makes it more simple and quick to finish.

Top 10 tips for how to take your own Family Pictures!8. Have A Tripod And Possibly A Remote – A tripod is a must, and it should be pretty obvious why. I would also recommend getting a remote. But, I’ll admit, I don’t have one. I usually use the self timer on my camera when I am in a picture.

9. Plan On A Relaxed Style – It would be pretty hard to plan on otherwise. If you are thinking about style and clothes, lean towards a little more casual than formal. A formal style would need to have perfect lighting and perfect posing. Both of which are harder to do when you are taking the pictures as well as being in them. If you go for a relaxed style it is easier to pose.

10. Go Crazy – no, really! Especially if you are trying to get pictures with small children, keep the attitude light and fun. When I would  set the self timer, I would usually start screaming and running towards the group – all in good fun. The kids would laugh, think it was a great game, and then be smiling when the camera clicked. I was able to get a group of 21 to all be smiling and looking at the camera for the pictures (and that included 7 kids!)

I hope this helps when it comes to a DIY Photoshoot! I always have fun doing them and am sure you will too.

How To Train Your Dragon | DIY Party Favors

How To Train Your Dragon | DIY Party FavorsI love coming up with fun party favors, but I don’t like spending a lot of money on them. So, it’s always a tricky balance to see if I can come up with something. But, when it came to a How To Train Your Dragon party favor, I knew just what to do – make Dragon Eggs!

My daughters loved helping me make these eggs. And, if you were looking for another activity other than the ones I shared a couple days ago, you could let each child make their own Dragon Egg to take home. But, I do think it works best to make them a head of time. I did have the Dragon Eggs be the treasure at the end of the treasure hunt which worked great.

How To Train Your Dragon | DIY Party FavorsTo make the Dragon Eggs you will need:
Small toy dragons
Clear plastic bags
Crinkled paper (optional)

Ingredients for the Dragon Eggs: (makes 6 eggs)
2 1/2 cups flour
2 1/2 cups dirt
1 cup sand
1 3/4 cups salt
3 cups water

How To Train Your Dragon | DIY Party FavorsMix the sand, flour, dirt, and salt together in a large bowl. Slowly add the water until you have a good clay consistency. You may need more or less water depending on how dry your dirt and sand are. Continue to mix until it is all mixed together. Separate the mixture into 6 even parts. Flatten out one of the parts into a pancake shape. Place a dragon on the top of the pancake shape. Roll the dough up around the dragon and shape it into an egg shape. Continue until you have made all 6 eggs. Place the eggs in the oven set at 200 degrees. Let the eggs dry for 3 hours. During the 3 hours, keep an eye on the eggs and turn them over once the top is dry.

Once the eggs are dry and cooled, place them in a clear bag with a little crinkled paper. Tie the top with string.

How To Train Your Dragon | DIY Party FavorsAlso, as a little treat, I gave each of the kids a burlap bag to fill with candy from the party table to take home. This was a great way for the candy to double as a decoration as well as a party favor, and also for the kids to take home a little treat instead of eating a lot of candy at the party.

How To Train Your Dragon | DIY Party FavorsNeed more How To Train Your Dragon Party Ideas? Check out what else I put together here: