Trophy Dad Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Trophy Dad Fathers Day Gift Ideas

I’ve always hated the phrase Trophy Wife. Because there is always so much more to being a good wife than just looking good. Ha! But, for Father’s Day, I usually like to tease my husband that he is a Trophy Husband and Dad.

Trophy Dad Fathers Day Gift Ideas

 I created these fun little Trophy Dad cards a few years ago to stick around the house. But, originally I had the idea to get a big trophy, fill it with gifts and treats, and present it to our Trophy Dad on Father’s Day. 

Trophy Dad Fathers Day Gift Ideas

 And, I’ve had this idea for years. But, I had never been able to find a toy (cheap) trophy large enough. I could have spent a pretty penny to get a trophy that would work, but I’m not sure my husband would’ve appreciated it after finding out how much it cost. So, this year, when I ran into a decent sized trophy at the party store, I just knew I had to create my Trophy Husband award as one of my Father’s Day gift ideas.

Trophy Dad Fathers Day Gift Ideas

To start, head over to your local party store and pick up a plastic and cheap trophy. Or, if your husband has a cup trophy from his childhood, you can use that as well. Next, gather up a bunch of small gifts and treats to gift. I picked out some favorite candy bars, snack packs, gum, gift cards, etc. Then, simply print out the free printable Trophy Dad award card on kraft paper. Write a sweet little note in the card and present it with the trophy to your Trophy Dad!

I’m so glad you are my POP free printable Father’s Day gift

Thanks for being my Pop Father's Day Gift Idea | confetti sunshine

We don’t drink pop much in our house. It is definitely a treat for my little family. We are pretty much a hard core water family. Milk only for the little ones, and we don’t usually have juice. So, when we do end up getting some pop, we usually try to get the good stuff. Real flavors and nice sweet cane sugar. And, my family absolutely loves Virgins Rootbeer. It’s the best. Once you try it, you won’t want to back to the A&W stuff, promise.

So, naturally, Father’s Day is a perfect opportunity for us the splurge a little and treat. And, I just couldn’t get “pop” on Father’s Day without creating a cute little label about how much my daughter’s love their “Pop.”   [Read more...]

free printable fathers day card

free printable fathers day card | confetti sunshine

I have many fond memories of my Dad growing up. He is quite the free spirit with big dreams and an even bigger imagination. He would tell us tall tales before bed, adventures of his life, and play games with us on almost every holiday. Now, as a wife and a mother, I also get to watch my three daughters love to listen to their dad tell stories of his childhood and also adventures of his everyday life. There is something magical to a daughter about a father.
But, I found all of those thoughts and emotions almost impossible to find in a card for either my Dad or my husband. There are a lot of fun Father’s Day cards out there. Funny ones, sappy ones, but sometimes a simple Happy Father’s Day card is just best. That is why I created a simple free printable Father’s Day card this year. I can add all the sappy emotions I want on the inside. 

[Read more...]

Where it all began..


(way back in 2011)

Since I decided to start leaving more of a personal note on Fridays, I figured I better jot down a little bit about how this blog all came about. When it all started, I had never even planned on creating a blog that would be anything other than a promotion tool for my shop.
Oh, wait, you didn’t know I ever owned a shop? Surprise, surprise.

[Read more...]

How much food to serve at a party | The Party Plan Collection part 4

How much food to serve at a party | confetti sunshine

Have you ever had this question? It starts off like a story problem in Math class – Susan has 6 guests coming over for book club. 3 of the guests are diary free, and 3 of the guests aren’t. The party is taking place right after the kids go to bed, and sweets are always strongly encouraged. How many donut holes should Susan pick up? Or, wait, should she pick up more than just donut holes? How is she to know? 

Well, luckily for us, there is some method to this madness that is home entertaining. I love home entertaining, and really feel like it should be an easy, enjoyable endeavor, not a stressful one. So, while you might not be good or even like math, it really comes into play here and becomes your new best friend.
There are a few things to think about when planning out a party menu. You’ve got to consider the time of day that the party is happening. Before dinner will require more food than just right after, for example. Will you be offering drinks? That will also cut down on the need for snacks. But, always err on the side of getting a little bit too much. You wouldn’t want a guest to be left lacking. That being said, be sure to pick out appetizers you want to be eating afterwards.
Alright, enough with the rambling, you are still reading because you want to know the golden rule when it comes to preparing an appetizer menu, right?
To start, if you are having friends over for a brief time – right before a movie or dinner, offer something small – 2 to 3 different snacks. That could be olives, nuts, small handheld pastry, etc. I like to always have at least 2 options, that way you can cover all the bases on allergies without leaving anyone out. For a longer period of time before a home cooked dinner, etc (an hour or so before the next meal), offer 4 to 5 different variety of appetizers. For a small after dinner party, such as a shower that will only last a couple of hours, I would serve 4 to 5 different appetizers. People will probably still be content from dinner and won’t be needing a lot. If all you are doing is having appetizers at your large party, such as NYE or a party lasting more than a few hours, be sure to offer 6 to 8 different varieties. And, be sure to offer a variety of sweets and savories.
And, most of the time, you can plan on your guests having at least 2 of each type of appetizer. A lot of the times appetizer recipes will tell you how many they make. So, don’t plan on 12 tapenades serving 12 people, it would be better to assume it would serve 6.
Now, give yourself a good pat on the back. With all that menu planning and math you just did, you deserved it.

Ready to start planning a party? Be sure to check out How To Host A Party At Home | Free Printable Ultimate Guest List | Free Printable Simple Guest List | How Much Food to Serve at a Party

Simple Guest List Free Printable | The Party Plan Collection Part 3

Party Planning Guest List Free Printable | confetti sunshine

You may be wondering why I am posting another guest list free printable. I did just post this one a few weeks ago. But, after I had created and posted that free printable guest list, I had a fabulous reader comment that my guest list was a little too extreme for her. She simple needed a place to jot down names and RSVP’d answers to take with her to the store, etc.

And, I am so happy she said something! Party planning isn’t the same for everyone. And, it’s usually actually kind of hard. It is hard to know exactly how to put together a party, without having ever put together many parties. But, it’s hard to invest in the time and money to put together a lot of parties when you aren’t confident it what you are doing! So, it is my plan with The Party Plan Collection, to help guide you through all the different tips and techniques that party planners use when putting together a party.

But, that also means, that not everything is perfect for everyone. While someone might love how detailed this guest list is, others might need a simple version. The same is true for me. When I plan a child’s birthday party, it is a lot different than when I plan a girl’s night out – but I still need some of the same tools, such as a guest list.

Download the Simple Guest List Free Printable here.

Do you have a question that you’ve been waiting answered? Let me know and I’ll be sure to schedule them into my weekly Party Plan Collection!

Ready to start planning a party? Be sure to check out How To Host A Party At Home | Free Printable Ultimate Guest List | Free Printable Simple Guest List | How Much Food to Serve at a Party


Princess Party DIY Cake Toppers

Princess Party DIY Cake Toppers! I love all the little details with the ribbon and flowers. So gorgeous!

I find that one of the most important parts of having any sort of “themed” party, is to incorporate all those little details into anything you can. And, one of those good places to incorporate some fun little details in in the food. Now, I am not someone who makes cute little fondant characters, or needs to have everything with the party icon on it. I usually take more of a rustic approach when it comes to food, and add more of the details in the decorations with these diy cake toppers. [Read more...]

Pretty Flower Party Backdrop DIY

How to make this gorgeous party backdrop with flowers and glitter! It's perfect for a shower, wedding, or party.

When it comes to planning my parties, I like to think of decorations more like different “stations”. And, then I arrange these “stations” around the room to make it look like more of a cohesive party. I usually only create 2 or 3 different decorated areas, but having them circling the room makes it feel a lot more planned out and special than just having a dessert table spread. This is one great tip for saving on money and not having to decorate your entire house.

So, for a long while I have been wanting to figure out how to create a party backdrop diy. I imagined that this backdrop would be the perfect party focal point in the room, a great photo backdrop (since I knew we weren’t going to have a dedicated photobooth), and the perfect place for the party kid to open all those exciting presents. All of those wishes came true and I am now hooked on the idea of creating a party backdrop diy for all of my future parties.

Luckily, this diy idea actually was very simple to put together. The hardest part I had was figuring out how to actually create a “wall” without using an existing wall in my house. But, if you have a pretty empty wall near a large window - use that! But, a wall like that just does not exist in my house. For this party, my backdrop actually sits right in front of the TV, and extends at an angle from the window to the mantel. It was the perfect framing for a party since it sat on the opposite corner of the room from the dessert table. (I learned that it is very important to think about the flow of a room when planning out the decorations. Now that I’ve figured out a great arrangement, I will probably be using the same ideas for all of my parties!)

How to make this gorgeous party backdrop with flowers and glitter! It's perfect for a shower, wedding, or party.

Now you all are probably wondering how I made my faux wall and how I actually created the party backdrop diy. I will stop jumping on tangents and spell it out for you -

To create the faux wall you will need: 2 boards of 40 x 60 inch foam core, white duct tape, a PVC pipe frame in the shape of a rectangle (if you don’t have a wall to support you foam core.) I taped the two boards of foam core together along the 60 inch side. It created a “wall” that is 80 x 60 inches. I taped the foam core to the PVC pipe frame to give it a little more strength. Then, I slightly leaned the foam core against my tv stand to get it to stand up. If you were to prop it up against a flat wall (which would be so much easier), I would either tape it to the wall, or use the command’s Velcro strips to secure it.

Then, to decorate my party backdrop diy, I used: Paper Fans, Gold Glitter Mini Banner, Dollar Store flowers, and Small Letter Balloons from my local party store. Once I got the wall all arranged, the decorating party was really easy. I simply taped or glued everything on. The flowers were the hardest thing to get to stay, so I ended up just gluing them on.

It really was such a fabulous party! If you were wondering what other decorations I created, check out this coordinating $5 flower garland.


How to make a Flower Garland for only $5

How to make a Flower Garland for only $5! Wow! I love this idea. Perfect for a shower, princess party, or any girl party for that matter.

Happy Monday! I have been waiting to share some of these fun projects for a very long time. And, quite honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t shared them before now. I created some quick, easy, cheap, and fun party projects for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party back in March. And… now that it’s almost May, it’s about time to share them, right?

But, this flower garland was probably my favorite craft. I loved it so much that I tried to string it everywhere – but quickly ran out of flowers. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might have picked up that my daughter had a princess and fairytale party. Full of pink, gold, flowers, and little fairytale birds. [Read more...]

free printable Thank You gift wrap

free printable "Thank You" gift wrap | confetti sunshine

Does this wrapping paper look familiar? It should, since it matches the free printable Thank You cards from yesterday. I figured that if you had to pass out a thank you card, you might need a gift to go with it. And, if you were going to give a gift, you might need a fancy wrapping paper to wrap it in. (And… now I am reciting If You Give A Pig A Pancake in my head…). But, seriously, who doesn’t love a little Thank You gift? I know I have my fair share to pass out.

And, your friends will think you are extra clever if you wrap your thank you gift with some thank you gift wrap! [Read more...]

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