Pretty Flower Party Backdrop DIY

How to make this gorgeous party backdrop with flowers and glitter! It's perfect for a shower, wedding, or party.

When it comes to planning my parties, I like to think of decorations more like different “stations”. And, then I arrange these “stations” around the room to make it look like more of a cohesive party. I usually only create 2 or 3 different decorated areas, but having them circling the room makes it feel a lot more planned out and special than just having a dessert table spread. This is one great tip for saving on money and not having to decorate your entire house.

So, for a long while I have been wanting to figure out how to create a party backdrop diy. I imagined that this backdrop would be the perfect party focal point in the room, a great photo backdrop (since I knew we weren’t going to have a dedicated photobooth), and the perfect place for the party kid to open all those exciting presents. All of those wishes came true and I am now hooked on the idea of creating a party backdrop diy for all of my future parties.

Luckily, this diy idea actually was very simple to put together. The hardest part I had was figuring out how to actually create a “wall” without using an existing wall in my house. But, if you have a pretty empty wall near a large window - use that! But, a wall like that just does not exist in my house. For this party, my backdrop actually sits right in front of the TV, and extends at an angle from the window to the mantel. It was the perfect framing for a party since it sat on the opposite corner of the room from the dessert table. (I learned that it is very important to think about the flow of a room when planning out the decorations. Now that I’ve figured out a great arrangement, I will probably be using the same ideas for all of my parties!)

How to make this gorgeous party backdrop with flowers and glitter! It's perfect for a shower, wedding, or party.

Now you all are probably wondering how I made my faux wall and how I actually created the party backdrop diy. I will stop jumping on tangents and spell it out for you -

To create the faux wall you will need: 2 boards of 40 x 60 inch foam core, white duct tape, a PVC pipe frame in the shape of a rectangle (if you don’t have a wall to support you foam core.) I taped the two boards of foam core together along the 60 inch side. It created a “wall” that is 80 x 60 inches. I taped the foam core to the PVC pipe frame to give it a little more strength. Then, I slightly leaned the foam core against my tv stand to get it to stand up. If you were to prop it up against a flat wall (which would be so much easier), I would either tape it to the wall, or use the command’s Velcro strips to secure it.

Then, to decorate my party backdrop diy, I used: Paper Fans, Gold Glitter Mini Banner, Dollar Store flowers, and Small Letter Balloons from my local party store. Once I got the wall all arranged, the decorating party was really easy. I simply taped or glued everything on. The flowers were the hardest thing to get to stay, so I ended up just gluing them on.

It really was such a fabulous party! If you were wondering what other decorations I created, check out this coordinating $5 flower garland.


How to make a Flower Garland for only $5

How to make a Flower Garland for only $5! Wow! I love this idea. Perfect for a shower, princess party, or any girl party for that matter.

Happy Monday! I have been waiting to share some of these fun projects for a very long time. And, quite honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t shared them before now. I created some quick, easy, cheap, and fun party projects for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party back in March. And… now that it’s almost May, it’s about time to share them, right?

But, this flower garland was probably my favorite craft. I loved it so much that I tried to string it everywhere – but quickly ran out of flowers. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might have picked up that my daughter had a princess and fairytale party. Full of pink, gold, flowers, and little fairytale birds. [Read more...]

free printable Thank You gift wrap

free printable "Thank You" gift wrap | confetti sunshine

Does this wrapping paper look familiar? It should, since it matches the free printable Thank You cards from yesterday. I figured that if you had to pass out a thank you card, you might need a gift to go with it. And, if you were going to give a gift, you might need a fancy wrapping paper to wrap it in. (And… now I am reciting If You Give A Pig A Pancake in my head…). But, seriously, who doesn’t love a little Thank You gift? I know I have my fair share to pass out.

And, your friends will think you are extra clever if you wrap your thank you gift with some thank you gift wrap! [Read more...]

Free Printable Thank You Cards

Free Printable Thank You Cards | confetti sunshine

Good morning! There have been a few things I have been thinking of lately, one of which is how lucky I am to have so many fabulous people in my life. Like, seriously. It is amazing. With that thought, also came the thought that I should send off a few well deserved Thank You notes. So, I decided to design some fun ones and offer them here as free printable as a little Thank You too all my readers. [Read more...]

Earth Day Activities & Giveaway

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Tree Top, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #TreeTopInc #raisinggoodapples

Earth Day Activities | confetti sunshine

Did you know that Earth day was coming up soon? I actually get to celebrate my birthday with Earth day (wink). April 22nd is a pretty awesome day, if you ask me. I love having parties, but sometimes things call for just a small family celebration instead. So, this year, I came up with some fun and easy Earth Day activities to celebrate with my children.

I came up with two fun activities, and a perfect Earth Day treat to end the festivities. I plan on planting seeds, making bird feeders, and ending the night with a Tree Top apple sauce pouch (Did you know, for more than 50 years, in the heart of Washington’s apple country, Tree Top has been creating such awesome product such as juices, sauces, and smoothies as a grower-owned co-op! That’s impressive!).

But, back to our fun Earth Day activities! These are quick and easy to put together, and would make a lovely little evening together as a family. [Read more...]

free printable mother’s day poster

free printable mother's day poster | confetti sunshine

Is it odd that I am creating my own Mother’s Day gift? I will say that I was a tad disappointed and jealous last year when I created this fabulous Father’s Day poster. My kids did such a amazing job decorating it and writing little notes to their dear dad. And, it really is a shame that Father’s Day is after Mother’s Day. I always have my best ideas after the fact. Which, meant, that Father’s day got all the glory. But, now it is my turn. I have been waiting almost an entire year to create this poster and have my children write me sweet little notes about just how much they admire me.

And, I just had to share. I had plenty of emails asking me why I didn’t include a “Mom” poster download in my Father’s Day post. So, obviously it was a good idea, and I wasn’t the only one jealous. [Read more...]

How to host a party at home | The Party Plan Collection part 2

How to host an awesome party at home! Tips and tricks by Sara of confetti sunshine A lot of times when I am chatting to my friends about kids parties, it is usually the general consensus that hosting a kid’s party at home is a hard task. And, I’ll admit, inviting a bunch of kids over to my house to eat sugar and play is daunting. Oh, the thought of the mess and ciaos. But, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done without a huge degree of difficulty. As long as you are prepared and planned out, hosting a party at home can even be easier than hosting one at an event center. Here are my 7 tips and tricks for hosting a party at home: [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Free Printable Keepsake Letter

Mother's Day Free Printable Keepsake Letter | confetti sunshine

Now, I am just assuming that most of you are in the same boat as I am. Once again, Mother’s Day is looming. And, whenever the topic comes up, I am either asked for gift ideas for myself, or am consumed by trying to think of gift ideas for my own mother and mother-in-law.

Before going off on a huge rant, I will admit that there are hundreds of fabulous ideas on Pinterest. I love browsing through them as much as the next gal. But, I am a hopeless sentiment. And, when it comes to holidays, I always try to make my gifts really “mean” something special. I am sure it doesn’t work half of the time, but hopefully that other half of the time really brightens up someone’s day.

So, back to Mother’s Day gift ideas, I was trying to come up with some fun gift that #1 My daughters could help with. #2 Didn’t cost a lot. #3 Something that could be easily displayed or stored. And, a Mother’s Day free printable keepsake letter was the perfect solution! [Read more...]

5 tips on how to make a cheese platter

5 tips on how to make a cheese platter | confetti sunshine

Over the weekend, I hosted a small get together with my mom, sisters, and nieces. It’s always nice to have a quite afternoon to just get together and chat. My youngest sister had just gotten home from college, and my other sister is due to have her baby in a few weeks. So, between everyone’s busy schedules, we finally found a Saturday afternoon to just enjoy each other’s company.

I wanted to keep the afternoon party low key, since I didn’t have enough time to throw together anything elaborate, so and sometimes just some fine food and great company is enough for any party. I decided to invest a little time and money into creating a cheese platter for us to enjoy. Cheese platters are one of my favorite things to create. They are also quick, gorgeous, and (if you know what you are doing) shouldn’t cost a bunch. In all, I created three trays (like displayed below) for just around $25 total. And, I will be sharing those secrets. I’ve putt together some quick tips on how to make a cheese platter. [Read more...]

Happy Friday & something you probably didn’t know about me


Happy Friday everyone! It’s always a good time of the week. My husband usually ends up being pretty late on Fridays, so they aren’t as glamorous as they once were. So, instead of a date night or family night, I usually try to do something fun with just the girls to celebrate instead. Today, we are heading out to the zoo with cousins.

But, before I hop off, I thought I would start doing a little sharing here on the blog. I know I haven’t shared much about me over here. It’s usually all about the party business. But, on Fridays, I wanted to just share a little about me – for all those people just dying to know more (insert eye roll).

My fun fact that you probably didn’t know about me - I homeschool my kids! As if life wasn’t crazy enough, right? I absolutely adore my children and couldn’t fathom the thought of them being gone from me for so many hours every day. Instead of just getting to plan fun parties, I also get to plan fun science experiments and history lessons. I love learning, and having the chance to see that in my own children is so rewarding. It’s only our first year – my oldest is in first grade. But, already we are loving the new routine and all the fun we get to have together!

Have a great weekend!

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