how to host a fun family movie night with an easy popcorn tray

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how to host a fun family movie night with an easy popcorn tray | Confetti SunshineLast week was a busy one. Do you ever have weeks like that? I always think to myself “If I can survive this week, I’ll be home free” and the thought “I really need to stop trying to do so much” usually follows right after. So, last Saturday, after we had survived an exceptionally busy week where I had been gone at a conference, a daughter decided to be sick, and my husband is busy as ever starting his practice; I decided that a family movie night was the only way to end the week. It gave us a little family time and was an easy thing we could do since we didn’t have any energy.  [Read more...]

The Best Places to Get Birthday Candles

The Best Places to Get Birthday Candles | Confetti Sunshine

Hosting parties is always a lot of work. There are so many details to remember, that it’s quite common for me to forget an important one – such as a birthday candle! So, to try and take the stress off of all the little details, I try to keep a stock pile of certain party essentials. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing from my party stock and letting you know where I find all my favorites.

Click read more to find out where I got all these fun candles! [Read more...]

Free Printable Valentines Word Art

You Have My Heart Valentine | Confetti Sunshine

Aren’t these cards cute? Sometimes the sappier the better. But, if you aren’t wanting to get too sappy with your daughter’s 6 year old friends (aka. me), you can also pair these cute little printables with some faux heart alternatives. Some of my favorite things to pair these free printable Valentines cards with are cute little plastic hearts filled with candy, chocolate hearts, heart erasers, heart cookie cutters, and heart sunglasses! Just because you aren’t serious, doesn’t mean you can’t give someone your heart this Valentine’s Day! [Read more...]

Happy Weekend!

altCan you believe it’s been 3 weeks since Christmas? Yes, I am still in the Christmas zone. Our tree is still up and my girls still beg to watch Christmas movies. My 2 year old still insists that every old man with white hair and a beard is Santa Claus (even Gandolf from Lord of the Rings). But, hopefully this weekend is the weekend to move on and get going on 2015!

That being said, I am so excited to be attending ALT next week. Will you be there? I’d love to meet up!!


The Best Girl Party Themes

The Best Girl Party Themes!For a while I have been thinking that I need to have a round up of great party themes. I love having a theme when I start planning a party, but sometimes thinking up a theme is the hardest part! But, with a bunch of girls around my house, I definitely know what it takes to have a great girl party. I’ve complied a list of my Top 12 Best Girl Party Themes. You’ll notice that they aren’t all only-girl. My oldest tends to be not overly girly and really love the animal/lego parties. And, I’ll try to add to this list when I come across other great parties. Enjoy! [Read more...]

Sweet As Pie Free Printable Valentines

Sweet As Pie Free Printable Valentine IdeasWhen my oldest was younger I use to call her my little slice of pumpkin pie. Unfortunately, she wasn’t a fan of the nick name and as soon as she was big enough to tell me, she quickly asked that I stop calling her that. Luckily, she has plenty of younger sisters (according to her.. she’s crossing her fingers that she might get a brother someday), so I still get to whisper loves to my little sweet slices of pie.

So, with Valentines day coming up, I figured to create a Sweet as Pie Free Printable Valentine. While you could stuff the box full of a slice of pie, it is just as cute filled with cute little Valentine candy. [Read more...]

Valentines In A Box

Valentines In A Box | Confetti Sunshine
Most of the time, Valentine ideas are reserved for the kids. But, when it comes to giving gifts to my friends, I usually find a box filled with my favorite things is a good way to go. So, when I ran into Target (and, yes, I had to go to a couple to find these things!) I fell in love with all the fun Valentine office supplies in the dollar section. I just paired my findings with some cute washi tape, white and gold crinkled confetti, and rolled the ribbon onto an old spool. I then packaged all together in a clear cupcake box. [Read more...]

free printable pillow box Non Candy Valentine ideas

Non Candy Valentine Ideas with free printable | Confetti SunshineI really am in love with Valentines Day. It’s sort of an odd holiday to like. A lot of people I know either don’t like it, or don’t care for it. But, my reasoning is – how often is there a holiday where you get to celebrate all the people you love, but don’t have to buy them a ton of stuff? All you need to do is have a fancy breakfast and a cute little gift. It’s fun and totally perfect for my family (my girls are 100% gift people). [Read more...]

Free Printable Tooth Fairy Certificate Download

free printable tooth fairy certificate | Confetti SunshineWell, from the title of this blog post, you probably can guess what has happened in our house the past month. I can’t believe I actually have a daughter old enough to loose a tooth. What?! Next, it’ll be driving, I swear. Kids grow up way too fast. And.. to make matters worse, my baby is on the verge of walking. I think she’s just not doing it in an effort to remain a baby as long as possible. [Read more...]

Free Printable Monthly Calendar

Free Printable Monthly Calendar | Confetti Sunshine

Happy 2015! The holidays were awesome, and I had a little too much fun not doing any work at all. But, now that January has hit, I have caught the working and organizing bug. We are also (once again) looking for a house to move into, so that is starting to take up a lot of my time.

But, to start the new year off right, I will be creating monthly giant calendars to adorn my office wall. All you need to do is download, print off an engineering print (36 inches by 24 inches) at a local office shop (I always go to Staples). Hang it up on your wall with a little washi tape, and enjoy! There is plenty of white space if you need to write down appointments, etc, or it looks great all by itelf! [Read more...]