Best Gifts for a 1 year old

Best Gifts for a 1 year old

1. BabyLit books ||| 2. Metal Shopping Cart ||| 3. Felt Toy Vegetables
4. Nod Blocks ||| 5. Elephant Pull Toy ||| 6. Little Piggy Rocker

Happy weekend! Since I was sharing my little daughter’s 1st birthday party these past weeks, I figured I should round up and share some of the best gifts for a 1 year old. Sometimes when kids are so small it’s hard to know what they’d really play with. But, our little kid plays with all of these toys and loves them (except, instead of a rocking pig, we have a sheep – but the pig was too adorable not to share).


Happy Birthday Party In A Box

Happy Birthday Party In A Box | Confetti Sunshine


I created this Happy Birthday Party In A Box a few months ago for a friend of mine. And, at the time I was being ambitious and figured I would snap pictures of it before giving it away. Well, apparently the ambition ran away and I never got around to sharing this box. Which, is a big surprise since I dearly love a cute party in a box – as apparent here, here, and here. [Read more...]

Miss Millie’s 1st birthday party

Such an adorable 1st birthday party!

Today I am sharing the rest of Miss Millie’s 1st birthday party. I’ve already shared tips for planning a 1st birthday and the best games for a 1st birthday party. But, after those two posts, I don’t have many words left, just a lot of pictures. So scroll through and enjoy the pretty eye candy! I really am in love with everything about this party – the colors, gorgeous garlands, sprinkles everywhere, and adorable baby.

Wondering where I got those gorgeous geometric garlands? Right here at KateLoveGoods. Other than that? I made/bought all the food – cake, rice crispies, milkshakes, cookies. And, I made little geometric boxes filled with candy as little party favors. It was simple, yet simply perfect for my little miss schmutz’ 1st birthday! [Read more...]

Best Party Games for a 1st Birthday Party

Best Party Games for a 1st Birthday Party | Confetti Sunshine

So, I have promised to share with you the Best Party Games for a 1st Birthday Party – sounds a bit like a joke, right? Like, my 1 year old can only really play peek-a-boo and let’s-toss-everything-into-the-garbage-can-for-mom-to-find. Not that exciting when it comes to a party. So, instead of focusing on what your 1 year old will want to play at the party, plan games around your birthday child, but that will be fun enough for everyone else to play. [Read more...]

How to Plan the Perfect 1st Birthday Party

How to Plan the Perfect 1st Birthday Party | Confetti Sunshine


First off, can I just say that I am baffled that my baby is already a year old. Actually, she is almost 15 months. But, don’t worry, we did actually celebrate her first birthday last December when it was actually her birthday. And, it is only now (3 months later) that I am finally getting around to sharing it.

How to Plan the Perfect 1st Birthday Party  [Read more...]

Party Invitation Ideas

Potluck Invitation. One of many party invitation ideas.

Do you feel the party planning in the air? Are you itching to host a party? I hope I’m not the only one. It feels like spring cleaning to me. As soon as it is warm enough to go outside I start dreaming of picnic’s and game nights.

But, whatever your reason to party, I’ve got an awesome round up of party invitation ideas to get you started! The folks over at Chinet were nice enough to ask me to come up with some clever invitation ideas – so I did! I came up with invitations for a potluck, girl’s night, game night, confetti popper, email invite, and more! Click on the pictures to take you to the download and instruction page. [Read more...]

Make A Birthday Balloon Surprise

Make A Birthday Balloon SurpriseDo you have a birthday coming up? Create this adorable Birthday Door Balloon Surprise to surprise your cutie on their special day. I’ll admit that for this project, it wasn’t really my daughter’s birthday. But, she was still excited to hid in her room while I created the surprise. I didn’t tell her what I was doing. So, the surprise in her face is completely real! And… I really can’t wait to do this on her actual birthday. Head over to Balloon Time to see how to create your own birthday door balloon surprise.

You Color My World Valentine

You Color My World Valentine | Confetti Sunshine

Are you tired of Valentine’s ideas yet? Hopefully not! This last one is a quick, easy, and cheap one that I am putting together this week for one of my daughter’s parties. I think it is a cute one, and who wouldn’t like a few more crayons laying around? And, it’s candy free and great for both boys are girls.

I created this little printable for DIY Candy, so hop over there to see all the details!

How to Host a Brunch – Lady’s Only

How to host a Brunch | Confetti Sunshine

If you’ve been following me this week you probably could have guessed that my bar cart was going to make an appearance sometime soon. It’s hard for me to host a party without including it. And, when it comes to hosting a Lady’s only party – I would be lost without my cart. For some reason ladies are the only ones to appreciate such a cart. My husband is still wondering why I bought something on wheels that I hardly ever wheel around. (Oh.. and I just bought 3 bookcases on wheels, and he seriously questioned my judgement afterwards.)

But, back to hosting a brunch.. [Read more...]

The perfect brunch – Citrus & Spinach salad recipe

Such a delicious citrus and spinach salad! Perfect for a brunch. | Confetti Sunshine

Surprised to see a recipe here today? Even though it isn’t something I’ve ever shared before – but I really do love to bake and cook. Good food is part of the way we celebrate, and, there is no way that I can afford to cater a party. The only caterer I’ve ever had was for my wedding, and even then it wasn’t all catered.

But, that being said, I think hosting a party and preparing all the food is the hardest thing to pull off. It’s a fine dance between getting things done far enough in advance without being too far in advance that the food isn’t good.

So, that is why I have ventured into the field of the unknown. I’ll explore, make mistakes, and let you know what works when it comes to catering your own party! It is a DIY party blog after all (as in “do-it-yourself”.. I try to keep it as budget friendly as possible!)

Keep reading on for the recipe and some more citrus fun..

This salad is delicious, and the perfect salad for hosting a lunch. You can easily make it just the morning off the party. And, it only requires chopping one ingredient, so it makes it very do-able during the morning-of-party hussle.

The Perfect Brunch Citrus & Spinach Salad Recipe

Ingredients -
Fresh mandarin orange
Candied walnuts

Place a handful of spinach on a plate. Peel the mandarin orange and put on top of the spinach. Chop 1/4 of the apple and put on top of the salad. Sprinkled a tablespoon or so of candied walnuts on the top. Cut the lemon in half and garnish the plate with a half of lemon. Instruct your guests to dress their salad with the lemon juice.

This salad would be the perfect pairing to my Pucker Up invitations. I am totally in love with all the Pucker-Up + Citrus. And, did you notice the orange heart in the drink? Hop over to my Instagram account to find out how I made it.

Such a delicious citrus and spinach salad! Perfect for a brunch. | Confetti Sunshine Such a delicious citrus and spinach salad! Perfect for a brunch. | Confetti Sunshine Such a delicious citrus and spinach salad! Perfect for a brunch. | Confetti Sunshine Such a delicious citrus and spinach salad! Perfect for a brunch. | Confetti Sunshine Such a delicious citrus and spinach salad! Perfect for a brunch. | Confetti Sunshine