DIY Christmas Gift Toppers

DIY Gift Topper Ideas So, we may (or may not) have already started Christmas shopping. Ah, who am I kidding? I started months ago. But, it is just now becoming obvious to our children that our closets are quite as empty as they use to be. So, that means it is also time to start wrapping gifts before peeking eyes get too curious about certain bags and boxes. We actually have some wrapped gifts in our room that my daughters have found. They’ve already asked when they get to open them – try in another 35 days kid!

But, one of my favorite parts of Christmas is wrapping gifts. So today I am sharing some quick and extremely easy ideas for diy Christmas gift toppers. Having a fun diy Christmas gift topper is the perfect way to dress up some solid wrapping paper or even a gift box. And, usually the size doesn’t matter. Gift toppers are almost always one size fits all sorts of sizes of gifts!
diy-gift-topper-ideas-2While I love creating, I am not very good when it comes to planning the creativity. Usually just give me a mess and I will make it beautiful. Luckily for me, Michaels has some great basic holiday supplies and kits just in stock for the gift wrapping season. They had everything I needed to quickly and easily polish off these gifts. And, even though I didn’t know what I was going to do after I left the store, I love how all the products seemlessly fit together to make such adorable little gifts.

diy-gift-topper-ideasSo, basically, I just went to Michaels and picked up all the favorite little crafting accessories I could find. My favorite products – the Recollections holiday products – were located on the end of the isle, right as I walked in the front door. (fyi – The mini ornaments and tinsel are not from Michaels). And, once I got home, I had so much fun arranging and rearranging all my little accessories on the gift boxes.

diy-gift-topper-ideas-3Now that I’ve put all three combinations together, I really can’t decide which is my favorite. And, how do these little gift boxes look as placesettings for a party? I think they make the perfect party accessory.

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Snowflake Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas!This might come as a surprise, but I REALLY like wrapping gifts. Like, really, really. Ha! Just kidding about the joke part. Anyone who knows me should know that I have a strange obsession with paper. If I was on an episode of hoarders the camera man would most likely be wading through a sea of wrapping paper, ribbons, and strings – and I know it would make everyone jealous.

But, currently, my craft room is looking like a gift wrapped present. I have a hard time passing by a pretty shade of wrapping paper. So, when Christmas rolls around, I have plenty to choose from when it comes to wrapping gifts! And, one of my favorite things to do is to try out different color combinations for the holidays. I love how pink and red look together, then added with a little grey and a snowy white, you’ve got almost a perfect Christmas color palette. [Read more...]

Hey Utah! Join me at Macy’s this Saturday

trees“I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.” 

We’re kicking off the holiday fun this weekend! Macy’s City Creek Center is having a fabulous Family Fun Day this Saturday. They are bringing in some loveable friends from Utah’s Hogle Zoo, they’ll have ornament decorating, face painting, balloon art and so much more. It’s a great way to start the holiday festivities – I can’t wait! [Read more...]

How to get an Official Letter from Santa plus free printable Letter To Santa

How to get an Official Letter from Santa plus free printable Letter To SantaI can tell we are in full Christmas mode at my house. Christmas music has been almost non-stop, we’ve watched Frosty the Snowman a few too many times already, and we finally got our first real snowfall last weekend. It’s here to stay, folks. Along with the wintery fun we’ve been enjoying, I have also finally been able to use the Santa leverage on my children. They have been extra nice this past week, so I am sure Santa has noticed. But, along with my Santa leverage has also come the excitement of writing a letter to Santa. I love the dreamy magic of Christmas mixed with traditions, so I will encourage it as much as I can.

That being said, I realized that I needed to hurry and figure out how to get an Official Letter From Santa before it was too late (since, that has happened to use before…).  [Read more...]

diy christmas advent calendar with free printables poster

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar with Free PrintablesI remember when I was a kid that our Christmas advent calendar was one of my favorite activities. It wasn’t even that exciting of an calendar! We just had a little christmas tree poster with little vinyl ornament clings that would stick to the tree. But, every day was one day closer to Christmas, and adding an ornament to the tree was exciting. So, since having my own children, every year I say that I am going to be a good mom and come up with a fun advent calendar. And, every year I have failed! This year I was smart enough to put together a calendar before Thanksgiving. It seems like life turns into a circus after Christmas and all my good intentions run out the door with the leftovers. So, in my attempt to be more organized I have created this poster DIY Christmas Advent Calendar with free printables!

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar with Free Printables

What you will need:
DIY Christmas Advent Calendar with Free Printables poster (download here)
Mini clothes pins
Tacky glue

To put together this DIY Christmas Advent Calendar, it’s pretty simple. Print out the free printable poster as an engineering print at your local copy shop (I always go to Staples, they seem like they know what they’re talking about). Once your poster is printed, glue mini clothes pins on the poster, one on each day. Hang envelopes, treats, small toys, etc from the mini clothes pins. Just be sure to not hang anything too heavy – it is just paper and clothes pins.
DIY Christmas Advent Calendar with Free PrintablesI didn’t want my advent overloaded with treats, so most of our prizes are actually activities. But, I also didn’t want to bombard everyone with too many things going on, so I looked at my calendar and scheduled in one Christmas movie every week, a night of Christmas stories, etc. We do have a few bigger activities, such as going to the Nutcracker, Christmas shopping, or touring Christmas lights around the city.

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar with Free PrintablesWhat are you favorite Christmas activities to do during the holidays with your family?

Free Printable Thanksgiving Labels

Free Printable Thanksgiving Leftovers LabelWe are hosting Thanksgiving this year… for both families. It will be a full house of 30+ people. While I am still prepping some logistics, such as where people will sit, what the menu will be, etc. I stole a few minutes to create this cute little free printable Thanksgiving labels. Because, if one thing is for sure, I don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of leftovers left at my house once the meal is done. And, obviously, I will always find an excuse to buy cute food containers and wrap twine around them.

I wanted the process to be beautiful, but easy. So, with that in mind, I just designed up one single wraparound label with a gorgeous Thank You in black. The labels print out amazingly on Avery’s textured white wraparound labels (no. 08217), or on plain sticker paper that you can cut out yourself.

With the labels being long and skinny, they easily seal most food containers. Even my large container and soup bowl were sealed shut with just one label. And, while I did make these for Thanksgiving, they could be used for just about any event or party. [Read more...]

Glitter Party Glasses, Confetti Favors, & more!

And, just like that, it’s the last day of #ThePartyHop! I hope you enjoyed our Season to Sparkle Party, Invitation, Christmas Tree toppers, Sequin Holiday wreath, Glitter party hats, Cashew turtle recipe, Rock candy drink stirs, Giant balloon fringe, Glitter bow toppers, and Messy Holiday garland!

To finish our Season to Sparkle party, check out Whatever Dee Dee Want’s glittered adorned party glasses, Squirrelly Mind’s fabulous holiday napkins (I can’t wait to make a full set!), and finish off your party with Kojo-Design’s Confetti party favors!

5fri_01DIY Glitter Adorned Party Glasses by Whatever Dee Dee Wants

[Read more...]

Holiday Balloon Fringe, Glitter Bows, & more!

#ThePartyHop is in full swing! Today my friends are sharing some fabulous party decoration ideas. First, Bump Smitten is showing off how to make a swoon worthy Giant Balloon Fringe Tail. Paisley Petal Events is giving the deets on how to make adorable glittery bow cupcake toppers. And, Mod Podge Rocks shows us how to make a fun messy holiday party garland.

4thurs_01DIY Giant Balloon Fringe Tail by Bump Smitten

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