10 Ways to Make Your Holiday Decorations POP

10 Ways to Make Your Holiday Decorations Pop | Confetti SunshineGood Morning Monday! This past weekend was crazy busy, but enjoyable too. I was honored to speak at the Standard-Examiner Fall Home Show. I was so grateful for all the help from Tai Pan Trading. It was a one stop shop for all my decoration needs.

In part of my presentation I shared 10 Tips to Make Your Holiday Decorations Pop. And, I thought you all  might be interested too, so today I am sharing my 10 tips:

1. Choose a Color Palette. Are you sick of me talking about color palettes yet? It’s always my starting point. It can also add a huge POP to your decor by picking an unusual and complimentary color to add into your traditional palette.

2. Use What You Already Have. Such as my bar cart – used it almost every party. It’s nice to have a few stand out and unique pieces.

3. Purchase Multi-Use Items. Such as with #2, if you are going to purchase something expensive – make sure you can use it more than once, and that it is unique enough that it is an eye catcher wherever it goes.

4. Mix Expensive With Cheap. I love a cheap little gourd sitting on a silver plated candle holder. The contrast between cheap and expensive is noticeable, but not in a bad way! It gives a nice contrast of detail.

5. Have a Variety of Textures. Gourds! Love them for the fall. The bumps and stripes on pumpkins and gourds are great. But, if you are looking for other textures – nets, fabrics, branches, etc, are a great starting point.
10 Ways to Make Your Holiday Decorations Pop | Confetti Sunshine
6. Have a Variety of Height. This is a design tip 101, but I thought I would include it as well. Having everything at a different height helps grab someone’s eye and notice all the details. It also helps your design “flow” from one item to the other.

7.  Add a Strong Graphic. This is a great way to get a pop from the traditional. Adding a strong pattern somewhere helps liven things up and give an unexpected, non traditional, element.

8. Mix Natural with Fake. I love how it looks to have the real pumpkins and gourds sitting next to tin ones and wooden carved acorns. It is another way to mix it up to give a nice eclectic feel.

9. Pay Attention to Detail. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. Such as, where you place a small sprig, or where the ribbon is tied. Pay attention to detail.

10. Add Some Classic. I always try to add something that has some emotion. Such as a kid carved pumpkin, or a heirloom ornament. Decorations shouldn’t be about being “perfect”. They should be what makes you happy and makes you remember all the good times.

101 DIY Halloween Costumes

101 DIY Halloween Costumes | Confetti Sunshine

Happy Friday! Today I am sharing an exciting round up with you – I’ve teamed up with Jamie Dorobek and her site, Really Awesome Costumes as well as 80+ other bloggers to share with you a ton of DIY Halloween costumes for everyone including your pets, family costumes, and even a trunk or treat idea!

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Monster Halloween Stickers| Free Printable

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Great Halloween Ideas | DIY Paper Bag Jack-O-Lantern

DIY Paper Bag Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern | Great Halloween Ideas | Confetti SunshineHave you started Halloween Prep yet? I am presenting DIY Holiday Decor ideas at the 2014 Fall Home & Garden show in Ogden this weekend, so it has helped put me in the holiday mood already – even though it’s only end of September. I really love the holidays and it feels good to have Autumn decorations in the house.

But, I also wanted to share some fun Halloween ideas early enough that you were able to use them. Today I am sharing how to make DIY paper bag Jack-O-Lanterns. These little pumpkins make the perfect accessory for a school carnival, church party, or even for a special trick or treater! [Read more...]

DIY Balloon Birthday Wishes

DIY Balloon Birthday Wishes | Confetti SunshineThis past weekend we celebrated three birthdays in my family. Two years ago, my sister had twins on my mother’s birthday! While it is exciting, and the most birthdays we have on the same day, it’s not the only birthday that is shared in my family. My little sister was born on my 5th birthday (Happy birthday to me!), and my daughter was born on my brother’s birthday – which is odd since they act more a like everyday.

So, as I was thinking about all the people in my life I was celebrating that weekend, I wanted to come up with a fun way to create birthday wishes. And, of course, nothing is more exciting than a balloon, so adding a special birthday wish on a balloon sounded like a perfect solution!

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30 of the Best Halloween Treats

30 of the Best Halloween Treat Ideas | Confetti SunshineI’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a big “treat” person. I’m not crafty when it comes to food. But, after looking for Halloween treats, I am wishing I was! This might be inspiration enough to make me want to pull out the sugar.

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How to Make A Princess Crown

How to Make a Princess Crown | Confetti SunshineDid you catch my Princess Party yesterday? Well, it is pretty common knowledge that you can’t have a princess without a crown. The only problem is that my little princesses have a hard time when it comes to store-bought crowns. I understand, I was the same way when I was young. The hard plastic digging into your head is not a joyful way to spend a party.

How to Make a Princess Crown | Confetti SunshineSo, I decided to figure out how to make a princess crown that my daughters would wear. They don’t keep much in their hair. Flowers and bows get pulled out, headbands come off almost immediately. So, I was left trying to figure out how to make a princess crown with elastic. And, that’s when the lace came into play!

How to Make a Princess Crown | Confetti SunshineWhat you will need to make your own princess crown:
9 inches of lace
glue gun
How to Make a Princess Crown | Confetti Sunshine1: Figure out how much elastic you will need. My 6 year old needed 11 inches of elastic + 9 inches of lace = 20 inches total. My 2 year old was just 2 inches less of elastic making hers 18 inches. You could either measure your child’s head and make it slightly smaller, or use a current elastic headband as a measurement. 2: Glue the ends of the elastic to the back ends of the lace. 3: Let it dry.

How to Make a Princess Crown | Confetti SunshineDid you see the princess party set up in the background? Hop on over here to see what fun we had!

How to Host a Princess Party

How to Host a Princess Party | Confetti SunshineWith a house full of girls, it’s no wonder that we like princesses. Especially my little 2 year old. She is the little princess of our house. She wears a dress every single day and trots around bossing everyone around. It is beyond adorable.

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Peek A Boo DIY Gift Bags


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10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Birthdays

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