How to Make A Princess Crown

How to Make a Princess Crown | Confetti SunshineDid you catch my Princess Party yesterday? Well, it is pretty common knowledge that you can’t have a princess without a crown. The only problem is that my little princesses have a hard time when it comes to store-bought crowns. I understand, I was the same way when I was young. The hard plastic digging into your head is not a joyful way to spend a party.

How to Make a Princess Crown | Confetti SunshineSo, I decided to figure out how to make a princess crown that my daughters would wear. They don’t keep much in their hair. Flowers and bows get pulled out, headbands come off almost immediately. So, I was left trying to figure out how to make a princess crown with elastic. And, that’s when the lace came into play!

How to Make a Princess Crown | Confetti SunshineWhat you will need to make your own princess crown:
9 inches of lace
glue gun
How to Make a Princess Crown | Confetti Sunshine1: Figure out how much elastic you will need. My 6 year old needed 11 inches of elastic + 9 inches of lace = 20 inches total. My 2 year old was just 2 inches less of elastic making hers 18 inches. You could either measure your child’s head and make it slightly smaller, or use a current elastic headband as a measurement. 2: Glue the ends of the elastic to the back ends of the lace. 3: Let it dry.

How to Make a Princess Crown | Confetti SunshineDid you see the princess party set up in the background? Hop on over here to see what fun we had!

How to Host a Princess Party

How to Host a Princess Party | Confetti SunshineWith a house full of girls, it’s no wonder that we like princesses. Especially my little 2 year old. She is the little princess of our house. She wears a dress every single day and trots around bossing everyone around. It is beyond adorable.

So when I fell in love with Minted’s Princess Crown collection, I knew that a hosting a Princess Party was fate. Let me show you how to host a Princess Party! [Read more...]

Peek A Boo DIY Gift Bags


DIY Peek A Boo Gift BagsIt’s time for this month’s Cricut Design Space Star Challenge! This month’s challenge was Weddings & Celebrations, so I naturally tended towards the celebration side of things. My team (team 10!) decided to go with a Into The Woods party theme. [Read more...]

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Birthdays

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Birthday | Confetti SunshineI love to celebrate and birthdays are always at the top of my list for reasons to bring out the balloons and treats. And, for some odd reason, I feel like most of you probably are the same way. So, I came up with 10 fun ways to celebrate birthdays! This list isn’t a party list, it is a list full of fun ideas you can do to make that birthday just a little more special. [Read more...]

Football Tailgating Food Ideas

Football Tailgating Food Ideas | Confetti SunshineHappy weekend all you pretty people! We are heading out of town to visit the ol’ family farm a few hours away. It should be a quick, but relaxing, weekend away. But, for the past few and next several weeks, I have been enjoying watching some classic American college football with my husband. While we usually just keep it a small affair at our house, still doesn’t mean I don’t scheme up a mean party menu! So check out the ultimate Football Tailgating Food Ideas: [Read more...]

How to Make a Party Sign with Tissue Paper

How to Make an Easy Party Sign | Confetti SunshineHello Fabulous! I ended up making this easy and fast party sign for a girl’s night that I had this past summer. Fast, fun, easy, and, obviously, FABULOUS! I love how it turned out. Have you noticed the “word” trend in parties? I love using words as decoration. They are always so eye catching and lovely.

So – How to make a Party Sign:

You will need – Cardboard letters (I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby), tissue paper, glue, xacto knife

How to Make an Easy Party Sign | Confetti Sunshine1: Use your x-acto knife and gently cut along the edges of the letter. The letter is only taped on the top, so it should cut out easily. 2: Cut the tissue paper into 2 inch squares. 3: Bunch a tissue paper square and dip the bottom into the glue. 4: Place the bunched tissue paper square into the cardboard letter. 5: Continue placing tissue paper bunches into the cardboard letter until it is full.

How to Make an Easy Party Sign | Confetti SunshineDon’t you look Fab?

Free Printable Chore Chart

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Office Depot, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #inspirestudents Free Printable Chore Chart | Confetti SunshineWell, now that we’ve officially gone “Back to School” I figured it was a good time to start some other good habits in our life – namely “chores”.  I know a free printable chore chart isn’t the first thing anyone thinks of when they come to my party-loving website, but I figured if I was going to make it, I might as well share it! It’s amazing to me how willingly my children can accomplish a chore, and how unwillingly they can. There never seems to be a happy medium. So, to try and avoid the bad days, I came up with this adorable chore chart free printable. Free Printable Chore Chart | Confetti Sunshine [Read more...]

10 Best Tips to Save Money on Parties + Giveaway!

10 Best Tips to Save Money on Parties | Confetti SunshineGood morning Monday! I actually don’t hate Mondays. Weekends without schedules and structure can sometimes stress me out. I enjoy the week. But, I also really enjoy staying home with my kids and blogging!

So, on this beautiful Monday morning, I thought it would be a great time to share my 10 Best Tips to Save Money on Parties. While I love hosting and attending parties, I really have a hard time spending a lot of money on them. And, I also believe that you don’t have to spend a lot of money as long as you read these 10 tips: [Read more...]

DIY Party Hat Template Printable

Carnival DIY Party Hat Template printable | Confetti SunshineI love party hats. But, I am the one who always thinks that the more festive you can make an occasion the better. And while my love for celebrating includes party hats, it almost never includes the party hats you purchase at the party store. The party store never seems to have the right colors, and why just have a plain party hat when you could have a fancy one? That’s why I put together this perfect little party hat template as a free printable. You can use it anywhere anytime! (Surprise party anyone?)

Carnival DIY Party Hat Template printable | Confetti Sunshine [Read more...]