Basket Liner Valentines – free printable

Welcome back to the Confetti Sunshine blog! I love pretty packaging, especially when it is useful! So I have been trying to come up with a bunch of different ways to easily package valentines for either you or your kids to pass out.

I love this valentine idea because it is easy, cheap, and very versatile. You could easily used store bought cookies, or little treats – wrap them up and you are good to go.
But, to make the little sugar cookie sandwiches I made you will need –
Sugar cookie dough
1″ wide heart cookie cutter
Heart circle stickers (download at bottom of post)

The cookies were easy and pretty self explanatory. For each cookie I cut out 2 cookies out of the Round Fluted Cutter. In 1 of those cookies I cut out the heart shape. Bake your cookies. Once the cookies are cooked and cooled, take the back side of the plain cookie and slather a whole bunch of frosting on it (double what you would a regular cookie) then gently place and press the heart punched cookie on top. 

I cut down the 12″x12″ sheets of tissue paper into four 6″x6″ squares, printed the heart circles out on sticker paper (regular paper and a glue stick would work just fine).  I then wrapped and stickered my cookies into each their own little package.
Seriously easy and fun! My daughter even enjoyed helping me with a few cookies before she decided her cookie cutters were a lot more interesting than mine. But I hope you have fun with this little valentine tutorial, and I would love to see what you have done with it.
Thanks for reading! Stop by tomorrow for another Valentine Day treat idea and freebie!


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    I absolutely love this idea! My only issue is that I can’t find a 1″ wide heart shaped cookie cutter. Is it possible to post a link to the one you used please? Can’t wait to make some purchases in your shop and make a Vday breakfast and picnic!

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    hello, all your downloads doesnt work because I think that 4shared close the service to the public and only the person who upload the archive can downloaded it :( (because of megaupload and fbi)
    All you freebies are awesome,thats a pity can not download!!

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