how do you celebrate?

So – my birthday is coming up at the end of the month.
My husband just asked me how I want to celebrate.
I have no idea!
I need help.
How do you celebrate your birthday? I am so use to planning parties for everyone else, that I was completely caught off guard when asked how I wanted to celebrate my own party.
Should I pick a quiet dinner for 2?
A fun girl’s night?
A spring dinner party?
I seriously need help! Please comment with your suggestions!


  1. says

    Wow,I completely understand! I’m the party planner too and my 30th bday is in the beginning of May. I recently came to the conclusion that I just want to go out of town for my bday, without the kids.’ But it’s interesting that I’m able to plan things for others, and not know what I want!

    I think I needed to spend as much time listening to myself and pay attention to the things I enjoy- like I do for others when planning thier big days.

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