pretty spring party favor

These cute party favors are a classic that can match any party or event colors and decorations!
What you will need for one party favor:
1 sheet of 4.5″x6″ cardstock or scrapbook paper
1 piece of crepe paper cut down to 4″x6″
2 sheets of 10″x6″ tissue paper
1 tag cut to .75″x3″ from white paper

Roll the long side your cardstock into the shape of a cylinder and glue into place.
It should measure 4.5″ wide.

Wrap the tissue paper around the cardstock. Tie off one end of the tissue paper with ribbon. Then fill up your favor with treats and goodies. Pretty candies are always a favorite!

Finally, tie off the other end of tissue paper with ribbon. Wrap the crepe paper around the tissue paper and glue into place. Glue the tag on the front to add a little personal touch!


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