DIY Olympic Door Wreath

Is there a better way to great your little Olympians than with this adorable door wreath? Nothings screams excitement more than pulling up to a party and seeing the door decorated… gets me excited every time. This Olympic Ring wreath is really simple to make.

3 embroidery hoops (mine were 8 inches wide)
glue gun

First, separate your embroidery hoops so that you have 6 hoops. You can use both the outside and inside hoops of each embroidery hoop. You will only need 5 hoops. I always am using embroidery hoops for crafts, so it won’t be hard to find a good home for that 6th hoop.
Next, use your glue gun and simply glue a different color party fringe on the top of each of your hoops. Flip them over and gently use the string and tie them together into the shape of the Olympic Rings.

You can use a wreath hook to hang it on your door. Since I don’t have a wreath hook, what I ended up doing was tying a strand of string at the top of the red and blue hoops and taping the string at the top of my door. My method is not a permanent method, it works great for a few hour long party.

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