An Olympian Lunch

No chips and soda here! Your Olympians deserve a healthy lunch fit for.. well… Olympians! You can easily substitute any of the vegetables or fruit for something more of your child’s liking. But I find that when I package any sort of lunch into something a little more festive, my child eats it all without complaining (aka. pile on the healthy!)
Assorted glassine and clear food bags
Lunch food of your choice

Print out the Olympic Celebration Lunch Box printables (available below) to dress up your lunch. I printed the Olympic Sandwich straight onto a 5×7 glassine bag for an extra fancy touch. It wasn’t hard to do, simply set your document size to the size of your glassine bag before printing. On a lot of printers you are able to customize the size of your document, or you can use the “print on envelope” setting. To wrap the granola bar, I just printed one of the “patterned” papers and cut it down to the size I needed to wrap around the granola bar. Assemble the rest of your dish and decorate accordingly for an exciting lunch your Olympians are sure to enjoy!

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