a Treat on a Stick : watermelon mint

I absolutely love the lollipop sticks available at Confetti Sunshine. I am always finding a new use for them. I also love watermelon, and love serving it during the summer. As I was trying to figure out a new fun way to serve watermelon, this idea came to me – fresh & cold watermelon kabobs. Yum.
mint leaves

Start by cutting your watermelon into cubes. Skewer them onto the lollipop sticks. Alternate skewering a watermelon cube and a mint leaf if you want to make the watermelon mint. Leave a little space in between each watermelon cube. Place the watermelon sticks in the freezer until just before you are ready to serve.  Letting the watermelon freeze will help the watermelon stay on the stick.
Side note : I painted the tops of the lollipop sticks with just a little green acrylic paint to add a little pop of color. Just one of the many fun things you can do with the lollipop sticks.

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