Back to School : C is for Cookie

What’s better than a cookie and milk after school? So, the perfect fit would be to have a cookie and milk bar at your back to school party! I also added some apples for a little pop of color, and a little pop of health.
This dessert table was very simple to put together. I find the easiest way to arrange a dessert table is to pull out all your serving dishes and rearrange them on the table until they look good to you. Then fill them up with your treats.

I was short on time, so I ended up purchasing all the cookies for our party. It still was a cheap table to put together (approx. $20). But you can make it even cheaper buy making your own cookies. I ended up buying alphabet cookies, chocolate chip cookies, & joe joes (trader joe’s variety of oreos)

You can download the free printable labels here (click here) for your dessert jars & trays as well as the apple flags and milk bottles. For the apple flags I also used Lollipop Sticks available here.

Kids love to have everything be their own. They are always so excited when I pull out these cute little milk bottles (available at Confetti Sunshine)! The little milk bottles work perfectly with the small 5 inch straws, so I topped them off with the adorable thin green stripe paper straws

As for decoration, I used…
The frame is a thrifted frame that I pulled the picture and glass out of. I bought it because I liked the size and look of the frame. I then had some wood cut down at Home Depot to fit inside. Using a grey chalkboard paint, I painted two coats on the wood (according to direction). I really like how it turned out! It makes a great background display for parties. I’ve already used mine twice, and I only made it last week.
This cute garland is very easy to put together. I am already putting together a cute little animated picture to help you see just how easy it is. Don’t worry… it’s coming to the blog later today!
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