Back to School : Decorations

No back to school party would be complete without a few books and chalkboards out on the table.
I started off by using a child’s size tables for my guests. I was doing this party for 4 & 5 year olds, so a smaller table worked better.

I bought each of my guests a small chalkboard at my local craft store. I found the same chalkboard online here, but the price is a lot more than what I paid for, so I would do some shopping around before buying the online one.
But I used the small chalkboards as place settings, and decorated them up a little with an A+ badge. To make the badge you just need the 2 inch circle free download, cute cupcake liners, 1 1/2 inch ribbon, and glue. All you need to do is cut the ribbon to the desired length. Punch out the A+ circle, glue it onto a cupcake liner and glue onto the ribbon. You can either glue it onto your chalkboard, or just place it there for decoration.

For the table centerpiece, I tied some books together with some ribbon and placed an apple on top. (If anyone knows what the Merck Manual is, you can probably guess what my husband is in school for.)
To finish off the decorations I hung some garland (my favorite!) over the table. I love how garland and banners really add to the drama level of a party. I used the yarn garland I showed you how to make yesterday. I also made some garland out of vintage flash card printables I made (download them here)

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