Back to School : Favor

End your Back to School party with an armful of beautiful new school supplies. It was always my favorite part of back to school. This time of year is the time to pick up supplies for cheap, so it makes a great favor – and one the mom’s will appreciate too! I decided to add a little custom colorful clipboard as my means of holding all my favor goodness. 

You can easily dress up your own cheap clipboards.
Mod podge
washi tape (I used the rolls I picked up at target)

Cut down your scrapbook paper to cover most of your clipboard. I didn’t want to hassle with cutting the paper to fit around the actual clip of the clipboard, so I just had the paper snuggle up as close as I could get it and still keep it in a straight line. Glue the paper onto the clipboard with mod podge.

I finished the clipboard by adding washi tape around the edges and up at the top. I like having the thicker stripe of blue at the top of the clipboard. I also liked how taping the edges made the ends of my clipboard smooth and covered. Sometimes the simple way is the nicest as well.

End by either preloading your clipboard with all your back to school supply goodness, or let the kids pick from a pile to load their own favor clipboard.

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