Back to School : Games

Having school related games in your back to school celebration is a must! Here are a few games and activities my daughter and I put together -

Download our blank bingo sheet (click here). Have the children fill in the boxes with the alphabet. There are 25 boxes, so each child will have to pick one letter to not have on their board. We picked up a full alphabet out of scrabble tiles to use. Put all the scrabble tiles into a bag or hat. Have the kids take turns picking a random letter out of the hat until someone gets 5 in a row – Bingo!

Let the kids decorate some pencils for their school supplies. All you really need is some normal pencils. We were also able to find some fat pencils – which, I think, just added to the cuteness! We also picked up some washi tape from Target (yes, I bought all 4 color combinations). The colors worked out great for our activity. 
Its a very simple activity – which makes it great for kids. Just let the kids cut off stripes to wrap around their pencils for a fun and unique pencils!

Have the kids play a big game of pictionary. Instead of using a paper and pencil to draw, let them use a little chalkboard with chalk. All you will need to is to come up with some words for the children to draw. Put them all in a bag for the children to randomly pick from. You can find the instructions for pictionary here.

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  1. […] Confetti Sunshine nos propone dejar que los niños decoren sus lápices escolares con washi tape. Una idea muy sencilla, sólo necesitas los lápices y cinta washi tape preferida por tus hijos para que creen las combinaciones de colores que más les guste. Así tendrás lápices únicos! […]

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