DIY : Pom Pom garland

I just can’t pass up a good opportunity to make a fun animated picture. I am a very visual learner, so a picture is how I learn. Hopefully this will take some confusion out of making the pom poms I used in my Back to School garland.
I had seen miniature pom poms made with forks and yarn or twine, but I wanted some larger and loose  DIY pom poms for my garland. So I grabbed my trusty (clean) hair comb, my yarn and some scissors. I wrapped the yarn around the comb 40 times to make my pom poms. I originally was only making one pom pom at a time, but then figured out how I could make two with the same amount of effort (happy dance!).
To make it into a garland, I threaded some light twine onto a needle and simply strung the pom poms along. Have fun making your own pom poms!

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