Pow Wow : Decorations

I liked to keep this party feeling very natural and relaxed. I didn’t stress too much about decorations. I tried to make sure and only do things that would help the kids have fun – like making a teepee. It was very simple and only cost around $10 bucks. Well worth the effort. I looked around pinterest for ideas, and have pinned the DIY tee pee instructions I looked at here.

I then made a garland with feathers (found at a local craft store) and strung it around the teepee. Like I said yesterday, I just arranged our desserts on the ground – true pow wow style. And, just like native Indians had to, we had to watch out for ants!

The biggest delight was the teepee. Kids love a place to run, hide and just pretend. Let their imagination run wild with this fun hideout. No adults allowed!

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    this is the cutest party EVER! i love it. which craft store did you get the feathers from? have you been to the ben franklin in redmond? i just discovered it and i’m now pretty much obsessed.

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