Pow Wow : Drum favor

No party is complete without a fun favor. And… no pow wow is complete without a drum or two! Complete both requirements with this fun drum favor for your little indians to take home.

All you need to do is stuff an ice cream cup full of your favor treats. Print the drum top printable and punch holes in all of the corners. Top your ice cream cup favor with the printable. Thread twine through the holes in a drum fashion. I found that the twine kept slipping off the ice cream cup, so I pinched it together in the middle with my left hand while I used my right hand to thread the twine through the holes. Use both the start and end to tie all the strings (that you are pinching together) in the middle of the ice cream cup. I used a thick 16ply twine, but feel free to use any sort of string/rope.
I also added a few rock candy sticks (aka. lollipop sticks) to each drum for the kids to beat the drum with. The kids were very excited to receive their own little drum full of goodies!

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  1. Mafe says

    So cute! Thanks for the idea!! In what kind of paper should I print the top part of the drum so it wont brake?

    • Sara says

      I am pretty sure I just used plain printing paper. If the paper is too stiff, it won’t bend over nicely.

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