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    These are SO perfect! My daughter is having an indian princess pow wow, and I have been having a hard time finding a cute invitation…thank you soooooo much! LOVE the printables.

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      Oh nuts! I was going to print them off tonight, but I’m receiving an error message. Maybe it’s just MY computer, but I thought I would mention it in case it’s the link. I’ll check back tomorrow. Thanks!!! Oh, and your daughter’s party was ADORABLE. :) I will try to share pix after the party!

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      I tried another computer, but no luck. :( I would really, REALLY love to use these, so if there is any chance I could get them another way, that would be super! My e-mail is sopickincute at live dot com. Enjoy your trip, and thanks a ton!


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    Hi Sara, I am also getting an error message and would love to use these at my son’s 1st birthday. Any help would be appreciated!!

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