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This pow wow doesn’t need a lot of fancy food, or a fancy table dressed up. It is a pow wow, after all. I grabbed some empty baskets and wooden bowls to serve up these sought after Indian treats. And, we just set them on the ground for a hands on, pow wow feast.

These doughnuts were a pretty tough catch. We were lucky to have them at our feast. The only sure way to catch these little critters is to have a good trusty arrow. We made ours with candy apple sticks, printable feathers (available for free on friday). Cut and glue is the best method. We then decorated our arrows with food-friendly markers.

Your guests will know for sure that they are at the right place when they see your tribal cupcake toppers. Adorned with a feather on top, these cupcake toppers add the right amount of color for a triple chocolate cupcake (aka. chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, topped with chocolate sprinkles).

Corn is a must at any pow wow. These popcorn on the cob are a great treat. Mix it up by having kettle corn on the cob, or white chocolate popcorn on the cob. Add any mixture your party children are sure the enjoy! To make your cobs, simply stuff a plastic clear bag with popcorn. Tape the top into a knob. Cut 1 sheet of tissue paper into 4ths. Take one of the cut sheets and fold it almost in half. Wrap the folded edge around your popcorn knob. Tie with some natural twine.

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