say Thank You with strawberry shortcake cookies

I’ve been kind of grateful this week. Things are going very well for me, and it makes me happy – especially considering all the things that could be going wrong. We’ve spent a nice hot week at the beach (as evident here). What started off as being a week of showing you how is the best way to express your gratitude, ended up being a week of me spending time with those I am most grateful for. 
Excuse the lack of blogging please.
But, to end the week, I thought I would share my favorite way of expressing gratitude – giving good food. (That might be because it is my favorite way of receiving a thank you as well.) But, either way, you can’t go wrong with a pretty little berry basket filled with cookies! 

To keep with the berry basket theme, I made these adorable little strawberry shortcake cookies. I used this easy shortcake cookie recipe and the cream cheese recipe from the same lovely blogger. I then filled mine with a homemade strawberry freezer jam and sandwiched it with another cookie on top. I also lined my berry baskets with these ever so useful basket liners.

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