Gaze at the Stars party : DIY glow stick lanterns

For our Stargazing party, I knew we needed some light. We had the party picnic style, laying out on a blanket with pillows and such, so I didn’t want tea lights and run the risk of catching something on fire. But I did want to have the soft glow of candle light, not of a harsh flashlight.
So, that is when I came up with the idea of making little lanterns with glow sticks. They worked great! Each gave off about as much light as a small tea candle would. It wasn’t too much, but still enough that we could hold our constellation maps up to the light and read.

Mason jars
4 in glow sticks
Epson saltĀ 
Simple fill the mason jars up with salt. Crack your glow stick and insert it into the middle of your jar. Screw on the lid and turn it upside down. The glow of the glow sticks fades with time, so I would suggest putting these together right before you are wanting to use them.

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