Halloween Carnival : DIY backdrop and decorations

For the Halloween Carnival decorations, I did a couple of different things. I printed the welcome sign, and dressed it up with some gathered crepe paper along the bottom. I hung that at the front door along with some spiderwebs.

I also decorated a small table with the carnival prizes. The corresponding number on the jar is how many tickets you need to pay to get one. I based my prize numbers off of how much the actual prize cost. I had 1 ticket for the cheapest items, 3-5 for the more expensive ones. 

I decorated the prize table with a roll of brown paper and black netting found at the dollar store. I also used boxes to raise the second layer of prizes and had my DIY diamond backdrop behind it.

I am in love with how this backdrop turned out. It was perfect for my party, and I can’t wait to use this technique again. I bought three poster-boards from the dollar store and taped them together. The poster-boards from the dollar store are a little different, they didn’t have a gloss finish on them, so I think it actually worked better for my project.

Then, I cut out a large diamond shape from craft foam. I mounted the diamond shaped foam onto a thick piece of cardboard to help stabilize it. It’s my cheap-one-time-use-stamp. I actually make my own stamps with craft foam quite often. It’s fun. 
Anyways, after I made my ghetto stamp, I painted it with orange paint and stamped it onto my foam poster-boards (the non-taped sides). And then I stamped, and stamped, and stamped. It seems like a lot of stamping, probably because it was, but it didn’t take me very long to complete. 

At first, I was a little disappointed with the uneven stamping, but then I got over it and actually like how it all turned out. I think the distressed look gave it more of a Halloween vibe.
So, now that I’ve done diamonds, what other shape should I stamp next? Maybe a fun chevron backdrop? Oh.. the wheels are spinning..


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