Halloween Carnival : Games

You can’t have a carnival party without some carnival games, now can you? That is one reason why a carnival themed party is so great.. it’s really easy to come up with games to play!
I picked out a few of my favorite carnival games, and dressed them up to be Halloweenish. All of these games you can make harder or easier depending upon the age of your party goers.

I picked these fun Halloween cauldrons up at the dollar store. I have a label on each cauldron, showing the children how many tickets will be won by tossing a bean bag into the cauldron. I let the children have three tries to win as many tickets as possible.

aka. Horseshoes. I’ve filled little mason jars with tickets. Fewer tickets near the front and more as you work your way towards the back. I then snapped together two bracelet glow-sticks to use as horse shoes. 

A carnival isn’t a carnival without a cake walk. I’ve included printable circles (available for free on Friday) to help you set up your own cakewalk. All you need to do is print, cut and tape to the floor. Then turn on some music and let the kids walk to the beat. Stop the music, choose a number randomly. What ever lucky kid is on the number you’ve chosen, wins a prize or… a cupcake!

I found these tombstones at the dollar store and knew I wanted to use them somehow in the party. So I came up with the graveyard bash. Line up your tombstones. Give the lucky kid a few lightweight balls/beanbags to toss. They have three tries to knock down the tombstones to win some tickets.

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