Tues Tip : decorate store bought treats

Sometimes… well, most of the time, there are not enough hours in the day. Especially when planning a party for children, and you happen to have a few running around your house. I wish I could give a tip on how to get it all done easily and within a few minutes. Eh, not going to happen.
So when you are faced with only a few minutes left to get your party put together, run to the grocery store for your dessert table. 

A fun and easy way to make your store bought treats special is to add sprinkles. For the store bought doughnuts, I mixed together a little glaze. The glaze is milk and powder sugar mixed together to form a glue like consistency. Then I dipped the doughnuts into the glaze and then into the sprinkles.
You can see the finished result on my Halloween Carnival dessert table here.


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