Christmas Traditions : The Tree

Excuse me while I get sentimental on the blog this month. I can’t help it, it comes with the season. While I love the presents, treats, and shopping during the holidays, I really like our family traditions best. I’ve also been thinking a lot about how I want our holiday seasons to continue in the years to come. What I want to remember and what I want my children’s memories to be.

So, I will try to share our favorite traditions on the blog. We will still be having lots of party here. But, it might get a bit sentimental at times over the next few weeks.
Our first tradition, happens every Sunday after Thanksgiving. We put up our not-so-fancy $7 Christmas tree and decorate it with un-trendy, family gathered, time treasured ornaments. And each childĀ receivesĀ a new ornament to add to their collection. It is such a sweet family tradition. I would highly recommend it.
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