DIY Christmas Lights

Browsing Target is dangerous. I always find things I have to have! On my last trip, I ended up in the Christmas department browsing the Christmas lights. While I was there, these globe string lights managed to jump in my cart and they would.not.come.out. Believe me, I tried.

Since I knew I was going to come home with these adorable little lights, I wanted to use them for my gingerbread house party. Using them, as is, would’ve been adorable for the party, but I wanted to dress them up with some fun colors. These lights do not get hot, which is nice when you have kids, but is also nice when you want to wrap them up in tissue paper!

ONE – Cut a 5 in x 5 in square piece of tissue paper. TWO – Wrap the tissue paper around one of the globe lights. THREE – Fasten a small plastic hair elastic (or an elastic for braces) around the light. FOUR – Repeat on all of your globe lights.

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