DIY : striped gift wrapping paper

I love all the fancy gift wrapping paper that I run into this time of year! I am sort of a paper addict. I’ve always loved pretty paper. But, I haven’t been so keen on forking out a pocket full of money to dress up presents that are going to be torn open in the next minute.
So, I’ve come up with a handful of fun DIY gift wrapping ideas to keep you busy this holiday season! The striped gift wrapping DIY is the easiest of the bunch, and anyone with young children should have all of the needed supplies in their house.
A roll of paper or a sheet of paper large enough to wrap a gift
Ruler or yard stick

Roll out your paper. Use your ruler to draw stripes down your paper. Seriously easy, right? To make it even easier, I used the width of my ruler as a guide to space my stripes. I first used my plum and lavender markers and striped my paper all the way down, each stripe being one ruler width apart. Then I went back and striped my paper with the mint and lime green, still only being one ruler width apart, but I placed the stripes in between my plum and lavender stripes.
The end result was a perfectly placed stripe approximately 1/2 inch apart (one half of the width of my ruler)
I love the width, and the colors are adorable. Who knew markers came in such fun colors? I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the store this past fall. Now, I know that I really should have picked up a lot more during the back to school sale. My poor daughter is going to be all run out of markers by the end of this holiday season.
And, to finish it off, quickly tie on some solid twine. Because… everything is better tied up with string!

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