Free Download : Easy and Cute Advent Calendar

You’ve still got a few days to get an advent calendar put together! I always loved counting down to Christmas as a kid, so I’ve enjoyed watching my own daughter get excited as the weeks have gotten closer. I am very excited to count down the days with her this year!

It’s fair too simple to make your own advent calendar. You can just string some twine anywhere in your house, around a christmas tree, on a window, etc. I had an empty frame sitting in the craft room, so it was designated the advent calendar holder. 

Print the free printable advent calendar cards. Cut the cards out and stuff into 1 oz glassine bags. You can also add a treat in each bag. I decided to write an christmas themed activity for us to do as a family everyday. I can’t wait to start pulling down the cute little envelopes everyday to discover what new activity awaits!
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