Gingerbread House Party : free invitation download

So, as you might have realized, I really like to plan parties! And, with such great upcoming holidays, there is always an excuse to do something with friends or family. Don’t let this holiday season pass you by without having a party – big or small! 

This will be my 3rd year hosting a gingerbread house party. It has now become family tradition, even though every year I do it a little different and invite different people. This year it is going to be a small gathering of cousins that live close by. 
So, I designed this little house invitation for the party – and am offering it as a free download for all of my readers. Start a gingerbread house party tradition in your own family this year!

All you need to do is to download the invitation, print it double-sided, fold and mail! If you are hand delivering your invitation, tie it up with a piece of twine for a festive look.


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