Gingerbread House : table decor

Sorry it’s been such a slow week over here. I did have more planned, but my baby has been sick, so I’ve been calling in sick on my blog. But, I am sneaking in during nap time today to just share a few ideas I had already photographed.
For your Gingerbread House party, line your table with cheap brown paper. It’s my go-to when planning a party for kids. It’s an easy clean up, and I don’t worry about any nice linen getting ruined with sticky fingers. But, to dress it up a bit, I’ve hand drawn a little place setting around each gingerbread house. I like the feeling of hand drawn for a party like this.

Across the table, I placed platters with the decorating candy as well as jars filled with Christmas ornaments. I don’t like to have jars and jars filled with candy at my parties (no self control over here!), but I love the look of the candy jars, so filling them up with glittery Christmas ornaments was a good compromise.

And, to top it off, the Gingerbread House! I am too nostalgic (umm.. maybe too cheap) to purchase gingerbread houses. I also really enjoy baking with my daughter! So, I tried out this recipe from Martha Stewart, and I really like how it turned out! It’s more crisp than the gingerbread I’ve made before, and held up well to the house-making.  


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