Table Decoration Idea : DIY dinner charger

I think that every dinner feels more fancy when you use dinner chargers. The added color, layers and dimension (not to mention work and coordination) add a lot of class to your table decorations. They also make a great place setting when having a buffet style dinner where to plates are picked up on a separate table.. which is exactly what I am doing at my Thanksgiving dinner.

While I like having chargers, I do not enjoy forking out the money to buy the fancy ones. I am cheap, too cheap for that anyways. So I got creative and dressed up my own when I decided to use chargers as part of my table decoration idea. 
Cheap chargers (I bought the ones on sale at Michaels)
White spray paint
First, spray paint your chargers with the white spray paint. The acrylic paint won’t stick to the glossy finish on the charger, so you have to spray paint it first. My (cheap) spray paint does chip if I am not careful, but this is a one time thing, so it was worth it to me.
After the spray paint has dried, paint on as much grey paint as you want. I wanted the white to show through the grey, to add some nice texture, so I only applied one coat.

I had a lot of fun painting these and can hardly wait the two weeks until Thanksgiving! (…I’ve got to get started on the menu planning..)

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