Table Decoration Idea : DIY Flower Pot

This DIY flower pot is the perfect accent to the table decorations I’ve been sharing all week. I like to add some¬†dimension to each place setting, and this is an easy and cheap way to do that. And.. doesn’t everything look better with flowers?

tacky glue
Start at the top lip and glue the end of the twine onto the ice cream bowl. Wrap the twine tightly around the bowl. Cover all of the bowl except for about 1/4 inch at the bottom. Cut your twine and glue the end in the back of the bowl. Let the glue dry. Once the glue has dried, fill the bowl with flowers and use as a table centerpiece or as a place setting!
These were quick and easy to make, so I know I will be doing this again in the future (springtime garden party anyone?). 

But, once you have the bowls done, simply bunch a gathering of your favorite flowers and place them in the bowl. You can also add water or foam to the bowl to help the flowers stay hydrated and pretty.

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