Table Decoration Idea : DIY table runner

I doubt there is anyone in the world who loves a good wood grain pattern as much as I do. It is very therapeutic for me to draw. Simple lines up and down, without needing to be perfectionist at all. Wood grain is extremely forgiving. If you draw a line you didn’t mean to, just keep on going and no one will ever know the difference. And.. what’s better than wood grain as part of your table decoration for Thanksgiving?

cotton cloth – mine was about 18″ wide and the length of my blue table cloth
dark brown acrylic paint
Cut your cotton cloth to the size you want your table runner. I didn’t hem my cloth, since I was going for a rustic feel and I don’t plan on keeping the runner forever. Place your cloth on top of plastic or a tarp; the paint will soak through the cloth while painting. Mix one part dark brown acrylic paint with one part water. Use a paint brush to paint your pattern on the cloth. You can use a wide brush and brush stripes along your runner for another rustic pattern idea. Let your table runner dry before placing it on your tablecloth.
Side note – Before you begin, take a small piece of scrap fabric and brush some paint on it. Allow it to dry. Run the scrap under water to make sure your paint won’t bleed if it gets wet.


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