DIY gift wrapping : little & small stuff

Let’s face it. We don’t always give our favorite people the biggest gift. Usually I end up with a handful (or more) small gifts that are harder than usual to wrap. They never come in a cute box, nor are in anyway box shaped. I’ve come up with this cute and easy odd-shaped-friendly way to wrap the small stuff.
The only things you will need are: a berry basket, ribbon, string, tissue paper, and your gift.

Wrap up your oddly shaped gift in some tissue paper. Bunch the tissue paper at the top and tie it off with some string. Fluff it around until it is at the desirable cuteness. Plop that odd-shaped gift into a ribbon dolled up berry basket. 
Remember – it’s the thought that counts! 
So… do we get extra brownie points if we put just as much “thought” into the  gift as the actual gift?

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