DIY gift wrapping: stamped paper

I’ll admit it. This was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. And my head is already coming up with new patterns, shapes, styles, etc for some more DIY stamped gift wrapping paper. I love how the stamps look on the page. A translucent and un-perfected style. Simply love.
And, the best part? Kids love this stuff. Set your children up to the table, folks. The littlest of Christmas elves are ready to start breaking out the holiday cheer.

You will need: craft foam sheet, wooden blocks, glue stick, paper, & ink pads.
Cut your craft foam into all sorts of different shapes. I liked using traditional shapes – stars, triangles, hearts, squares, etc – and then using those shapes to create patterns on the actual paper. You can use a more permanent glue, but I ended up using a trusty glue stick to keep my foam shapes in place on the wooden block. The last step is to just stamp away! (This is where the kids have fun).

I loved using the bright colors for Christmas. While I loved having just one color blocked onto a sheet of paper; I’ve got to say that the four colored triangle one is my fave. Watch out world, you just might start seeing a lot more DIY stamped gift wrapping from this gal.

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