DIY gift wrapping : tied up with string

It’s only 3 days until Christmas Eve and, yes, I have a lot more presents to wrap. So I am going to pretend that you do too. If you haven’t noticed, I liked string.. a lot. And, the Sound of Music song – My Favorite Things – has been running through my head for weeks. So if I keep on referencing the phrase, “tied up with string” or “a few of my favorite things”, please forgive me.
But, it shouldn’t be any surprise that I am tying up with string a few of my family’s favorite things this Christmas season. I found that yarn was a cute accent to the stamped wrapping paper we did on Wednesday. I made some easy pom-poms and tied them onto a present as well as some yarn tassels. I am sure there are a lot of other adorable things to use, but I loved how simple and cute these turned out, which is just how the holidays should be – simple, cute and memorable!

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