Letters to Santa party: Activities & games

Once the breakfast has been had and the littlest of children are anxiously awaiting, that is the cue that games must commence. Party games for children can be the trickiest of business, but hopefully my ideas will help ease your thoughts and make your holiday party a successfully fun one!
Everyone (well, almost everyone) knows that Santa’s reindeer rely on their trusty sleigh bells to help them guide the cold and dark Christmas Eve night. Without the chime of these little bells, Christmas could be ruined! Unfortunately, one slightly forgetful little elf has misplaced all of the sleigh bells. Have the children help gather them up in an Easter egg hunt turned sleigh bell hunt.
Hide all of your sleigh bells around the house/venue. Have the children race to gather all the reindeer’s bells. I like games were everyone ends up a winner and we all save Christmas together. But, if you are looking for a more competitive game, you could have the child who finds the most wins, or have a search for the special bell with the blue ribbon (instead of red twine).
Gather an empty box for each child. I found these adorable little 4 inch by 4 inch boxes to use. Have the children sit in a circle, with one child in the middle who is “it”.
Who ever is “it” goes to a separate room while you hid the ornament. Hide the ornament in one of the boxes. Hand all the boxes out to the players and have them hold them close.

The “it” child then comes in and has to ask the different children if they have the ornament until he/she guesses correctly. Who ever has the ornament in their box, it is then their turn to be “it”.

This game/activity is a given. Have the children gather together to write letters to dear ol’ Santa Claus. I’ve designed a little stationary sheet (download by clicking here) that you can print out for the children to write on. If the children are too young to write, encourage them to draw a picture of themselves or the toys they are hoping to receive on Christmas morning.

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