Snow Day : Hot Cocoa Bar free printable (and apology!)

THE APOLOGY: Wow. I am so sorry! We got home from our Christmas Break vacation last Wednesday (yes, January 2nd). And, I swear, it is harder to get back to blogging than it was to blog while on vacation. Next time I will have to plan ahead so that I have blog posts done for the week after getting home. It isn’t that I didn’t have a plan, or some fabulous ideas. It was because I was just plain lazy. No real excuse other than that. Please forgive! But, now on the business…’
While I was on said lazy-inducing vacation, I encountered more snow than I had in the past 4 years combined. We don’t get any recognizable snow up in Seattle so I always look forward to seeing some snow fall while on our yearly trek to Utah.

Well, this year did not disappoint  It actually snowed so much and I was almost getting annoyed in the end (almost.. mainly just one day when I could not leave the driveway because of the mountain of snow at the end from the snow plows).

But, it made me think of hosting a fun snow day gathering. And, the first thing that popped into my head was a delicious hot cocoa bar (always thinking food first, right?). So I came up with a few ideas and a free printable.

 Hopefully, the idea is, to have all the yummy stuff on hand for those surprise mornings when you wake up to school having been cancelled and a small pillow of white snow on your lawn.
I picked up the mugs at the Dollar Tree, white ice cream cups, grey straws and wooden spoons at Confetti Sunshine, ruffled cake stands at Pier 1, and milk jugs at Target.

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