Adventure Bound : Dessert Table

This dessert table was a lot of fun to put together. Obviously, I am still swooning over all the gorgeous maps. But, I also love the colors and all the tissue fringe flung about. I am not someone who has to have everything perfectly aligned. I usually like most of the items perfectly aligned, with one item thrown around like the rebel of the group.
I liked using a framed map as the backdrop, especially since the baby shower wasn’t at my house. Having it framed made it a lot easier to travel with. Also, you can never go wrong with paper yo-yos made out of maps. The fanning of maps is fabulous! So, other than a whole lot of map and a string of tissue fringe, I just added a touch of green ribbon and some (free) printables everywhere. (find the printables below)
Please enjoy the feature! I really love how it turned out. A bit more simple than most dessert tables you will see, but I usually will try to go for the simple approach. I find that things look more elegant when your table is simple and your colors are few.

Thanks for looking at my dessert table! I’ve put together the printable 2 inch circles and food tents for you to download. Just click the button below to download.

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