Adventure Bound : DIY fringe garland

Happy Friday, ya’ll! I love weekends.. probably a little too much. But before I run off to enjoy some family time, I wanted to pop over and share one last DIY with you.
Now, I know you all know how to put together a tissue fringe garland. I’ve seen the tutorials all over the web. What I have found surprising, though, is the fact that all the tutorials use the same method. While twisting the top of the tissue into a perfect little loop might be the preferred method, it is hard to make nice. Believe me, I’ve tried. All my tissue ended up messed up and not laying flat. But, if that is the look you are going for – by all means, do it!
But, after a lot of inner debate, I’ve decided to just post the method I usually use for my tissue garland. It is easy and fast, both facts which factor into whether or not I will make an item for a party.
Tissue paper
rotary blade is best, but you can use scissors
cutting mat
small elastic rubber bands or string

1 : Lay your tissue paper flat. Fold along the length, there should already be a fold mark from store packaging. I usually try to use the folds as much as possible to prevent folds in my fringe.
2 : Fold your tissue up into fourths. The more you fold the fewer times you will have to make a cut. Just make sure your rotary blade can cut through all the layers of tissue paper. You might have to unfold some if your blade isn’t sharp enough.
3 : Use the ruler as a guide to cut your fringe. I spaced mine about 3/4 inch apart. Don’t worry about being a perfectionist when it comes to spacing. Most likely you won’t notice if they aren’t perfectly 3/4 of an inch.
4 : Once you’ve cut all of your fringe, fold your tissue paper up until it is small enough to wrap a small plastic hair (or braces) elastic band around the top. After I cut the fringe I ended up folding up my tissue fringe 4 times before adding the elastic band. 
5 : Repeat until you’ve made enough tissue fringe for your garland. To hang, I just grabbed some twine and tied the twine at the top of each tissue fringe. This made spacing a little bit easier to make exact.

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