Adventure Bound : DIY map envelope

When this idea for a baby shower was introduced to me, I immediately knew that I needed to go out and find a vintage atlas. I had been wanting one for a long time, and really just needed a good excuse to go pick one out. If you are looking for one, hit up the thrift stores first. I scored this atlas for $5. Yes, it is a shame that I tore the book apart. After I had bought the book, before the cutting began, I briefly comprehended keeping the book for a reference. Then I remembered that I still had the internet, with the same information, on 5 different devices in my house; And, that I would have to then load the kids back in the car to go back to the thrift store to find another atlas. All that made me feel better about just cutting the book up.

And, I am glad I got the courage to cut out the pages. The beautiful colored maps make gorgeous party decorations and envelopes! I designed a template for this file folder style envelope for you to use. It fits a 5 inch by 7 inch invitation. The template prints out on a regular 8.5 inch by 11 inch piece of paper, but it only barely fits. I don’t like it when printables don’t fit on a standard piece of paper, since then some lovely reader might not be able to use it. So, please enjoy!
Since the margins are so tight, there isn’t a lot of room to glue the file folder style envelope together. This is where my best friend washi tape comes in. Taping the envelope together is even more adorable than glue. I love the little detail work! Anyways, click below to download the envelope template.

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