DIY : scalloped fringe garland

More fringe? It really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. I just recently bought my rotary blade¬†which has made cutting fringe so much easier. I was just using scissors to cut before, which works just fine, but it isn’t as fast or easy as with a rotary blade.
Anyways, I’ve had fringe on the brain, and thought I would try and make a cute little scalloped garland. Scallops are such a fun shape and can easy be put together to match any party theme.
Tissue paper
Rotary blade or scissors
Cutting mat
Some sort of circle template – I used a cardboard cake round

First, fringe your tissue as if you were making a normal fringe garland. Fold your tissue paper in half and cut the fringe up to about 1 inch from the top. Once you have your tissue all fringed, place your circle template over the top and carefully cut the half circle tissue fringe out. Repeat this step with as many colors and different tissues as you want.
The easiest way to hang you garland – Hand some light weight twine or string along where you want your fringe to hang. Since the fringe is folded at the top, simply hang the tissue on the string. It’s as simple as hanging a towel up in the bathroom.
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