DIY : Hand Drawn Easter Eggs

I am always drawn to gorgeous things with imperfections. In my humble opinion, things don’t have to be perfect to be, well, perfect. It is the things that we do different that make us who we are. Just like I adore the way all of my daughter’s stick figures have angry faces, I love the unique difference we all bring to the planet.
That being said, I really wanted a fun and unique way of decorating Easter eggs this year. Yes. I could have just bought the regular egg dye and had a lot of fun. There is nothing wrong with doing things the easy way. That just isn’t who I am. Let’s call it one of my many “differences”.
So, I decided to color on the eggs instead of dipping them this year. I wanted to show you some patterns and designs that anyone could do. I love how these little eggs turned out, and I only used dots, short straight lines, and little arrows. Shapes anyone could make.
I call them my anthro-inspired eggs since I am always drooling over their little patterned bowls. It was those lovely little bowls that popped into my head as I was drawing away.

To make your own simple patterned egg you will need:
Simply start at one end of your egg and draw out your pattern. Don’t worry about it being perfect, its the little imperfections that make each egg beautiful. These eggs were so fun and it was a great project to do with my daughters. There eggs didn’t turn out quite as anthro-esk, but beautiful non the less! 

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  1. Amy says

    Love these designs, they’re super cute! I was wondering where you got those teal cartons that show up in your pictures?


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