DIY : Party Top Hat

Hello March! I can’t believe February has slipped on by. March is full of so many great things – like St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, my baby’s 1st birthday, and the beginning of spring. I think I am going to like this month. 
So, this week we are going to be jumping right into some fun St. Patrick’s Day party ideas. First off – my DIY Party Top Hat. While party hats are just plain fabulous, a top hat is a little more than fabulous, don’t you agree? I love how this little hat came together, and think it would be super for any St. Patrick’s Day celebrations you have going on.
1 – gather your supplies. Download and print the Party Top Hat template. Gather ribbons, heavy paper or cardstock, glue, & scissors. 2 – Cut out your template. Use the template to cut out your heavy paper. I used the template to trace the shapes onto my heavy paper and then cut them out. 3 – Slightly curl the ends of your oval paper. This will make a nice curl to the side brim of your hat. It adds some nice character. 4 – Glue the top of the hat to the side of the hat. 5 – Finish gluing the top of the hat to the side and let dry. 6 – bend all the glue tabs down towards the inside of the hat and place glue on them. 7 – glue the hat completely together and let dry. 8 – Once your hat is dry, complete the look by tying a green ribbon around the base.
Hopefully this little hat will make your day a little brighter and your luck a little luckier!

And.. thank you dear little daughter for modeling! She’s come a long way, hasn’t she?

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