DIY : tissue flower garland

I am just counting the days down until spring finally arrives. I am not a winter person, so I always look forward to fresh flowers in the yard as soon as March shows up. While I might have to wait a little longer to see the yard in bloom, I have done my share of flower creating to bring some spring inside my little home!

So, to create your own garland of spring time, you will need tissue paper, a stapler, scissors, markers, tape, & string/twine.
1 : Cut your tissue into 6 inch squares. Layer 4 sheets of tissue paper and fold into accordion folds, approximately 1 inch wide. 2 : Staple in the middle at a diagonal. Cut the ends of the tissue paper into the pedal shapes. I did a rounded, triangle, and fringed edge. 3 : Use the markers and slightly color the outside of the cut edges. 4 : Carefully pull the tissue paper apart working from the top down. 5 : Continue to puff and slightly tug the tissue paper until you have the shape you want. 6 : tape the tissue flower to a piece of string to make your garland.
I made these little flowers with not a lot of time, and with the help of my assistant (aka. 4 yr old daughter). Believe me, anyone can do this. The key is to be gentle when unfolding the folds. And, understand that none of the flowers look perfect close up. But, it is a flower, and sometimes it is the imperfections that make something perfect.
And, hopefully, spring will be here soon!
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