St Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt

Today I am sharing a fun family activity that anyone can do with their family. We’ve all heard about finding the treasure that the leprechaun leaves at the end of a rainbow, but I doubt any of us has been able to find it quite yet.
What to have your family find the treasure at the end of a rainbow? Here is how I did it:
First, I played this off like a treasure hunt. Leprechaun are sneaky little creatures. They like to tease. So they leave clues and riddles around the town (or park) to find their gold at the end of the rainbow.
To reenact this, I make rainbow tissue fringe with clues and riddles from the leprechaun, and placed them around the park. The notes were made on white cardstock with washi tape placed around the edges.
The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow really was just a coin purse. Our little leprechaun carries around a purse full of gold wrapped gumballs for currency. Very convenient, since gumballs is one of our favorite treats! *wink*
The end of the rainbow was made with this tissue fringe chandelier. The coin purse was found on the ground just below it. 
To make the rainbow chandelier, I made a tassel of tissue fringe in each color. (You can see how I make my tissue fringe here). Take an embroidery hoop and cover with party fringe (found here). Tie the rainbow array of tissue fringe onto the fringe covered hoop. Hang your “end of the rainbow” under a tree as the last stop to your treasure hunt.

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