Mother’s Day Tea Party : DIY spring blossom garland

Spring is in the air! While we don’t always get the best weather up here in the northwest, the past couple of days have been exceptions. And, I have noticed that I tend to do two things when it is warm and sunny here – procrastinate work, and be inspired by nature. Both seem to be doing me good, since I feel very refreshed (though, I wish I could get my blog posts up a little sooner in the day).
Yesterday, we spent the entire day at the zoo, ran down to a favorite sandwich spot for dinner, headed over to a botanical garden for a while, then headed home and walked down to the beach. While doing all that walking, I was in love with all the small spring blossoms I saw budding on the trees. So, that is what inspired this DIY spring blossom garland for our tea party!

I love dainty little garlands to easily toss on a table or hang on a wall for a party. This blossom garland is quickly turning into one of my favorite garlands. Just playing around with it during the photoshoot was delightful!
To make your own spring blossom garland, you will need:
Tissue paper
Glue stick
2 inch circle paper punch

1 : Punch out a bunch of 2 inch circles in all the colors. 2 : Put some glue on the bottom third of a circle. Fold the circle in half over the twine. Only the bottom should be glued to the twine. 3 : Pinch the base of the circle, before the glue dries, to create a stem. 4 : Repeat until you have as many leaves as you want in between your flowers. 5 : To make your flowers – layer three 2 inch circles together, gluing the bottom thirds of each layer together. 6 : Like the leaves, place glue on the bottom third of the flower and fold it in half over the twine. 7 : Pinch the bottom of the flower to create the stem. 8 : gently pull apart the different layers of tissue paper to create your flower bud. 9 : Alternate between creating flowers and leaves for a stunning spring garland!

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