Such A Doll : DIY Child Size Doll House

Well, I couldn’t have a doll house party without making a child size doll house, could I? At first, I am not sure why I was putting it all together – my own childhood dream of having a life-sized doll house, or for my girls. But, in the end, the girls really have been enjoying their house and won’t let me take it down even for a moment before the tears start falling.
There is something enchanting about having your own little house, isn’t there?

To make your own Child Sized Doll House you will need:
5 pieces 48 inches long PVC pipe
5 pieces 40 inches long PVC pipe
4 pieces 23 inches long PVC pipe
2 pieces 25 inches long PVC pipe
To construct the house, use the diagram above for help. I hope it makes enough sense. Ha! I’ve been wanting to sketch out some instructions instead of always taking a billion pictures. So I thought this project might be a good time to try. Hopefully it was and you aren’t terribly confused.
First, build your base with two 40 inch pieces on either side and a 48 inch piece along the back. Take the remaining 48 inch pieces and connect them to your base with 2 “L” fittings for the front, and 2 elbow fittings for the back. 
On either side of the house, take the remaining two 40 inch pieces, attach elbow fittings, and place them on the sides of the house, directly above the first two 40 inch pieces.
To create a triangular roof, take two of the 23 inch pieces and attach them together with a “T” fitting in the middle. Do the same thing to the other two 23 inch pieces. Attach the pieces to the front and back of the house.
Place the two 25 inch PVC pipes at the very top, on the top of the “T” fittings. Take the last 40 inch pipe, with two “L” fittings attached and place them on top of your house.
Whew. Yes, it sounds complicated, but it’s not as hard as it, err, looks.Try it out. I’d love to see what you come up with! 
I made the width the same width as my fabric, so I didn’t have to hem the sides (yes, I cheated.) With this house, you could just buy 4 yards off the bolt and drape it over the house for a finished head to toe drape. I did end up pinning some ribbon at the corners to tie around the pvc pipe to keep our roof from sliding off because of curious little fingers.
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  1. says

    We used your idea! It is adorable:-) Thanks so much! fyi: we may have done something wrong, but I think you need 5 yards of fabric, since ours turned out a little short. Either way… it is adorable.

    • Sara says

      No. It stayed together just by itself really well. I didn’t want to use glue because I wanted to be able to take it apart when we weren’t using it.

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