4th of July : DIY custom decorated picnic plates

4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! It doesn’t get much better than gathering together on a summer evening for a picnic and firework show. And, just because it is an informal picnic, doesn’t mean it can’t still have a little pop – and these DIY custom decorated picnic plates do just the trick.

If you are like me, then you always have a hard time finding good paper plates for parties! I don’t like most of the designs on printed plates. So, for celebrations, I usually go for a solid color paper plate, but the problem there is usually how flimsy and light weight they are. For a 4th of July picnic, I need something heavy since we will be grilling and serving up a classic salad and such.
So, I came up with the idea to customize white heavy duty paper plates that I picked up at my local restaurant supply store. I used one of my favorite products in the world – food decorating pens – to make the plates beautiful and food safe!

To make your own DIY custom decorated picnic plates you will need:
Heavy duty paper plates
Graphite tracing paper
1: Print the 4th of July decal. 2: Layer a piece of graphite tracing paper in between the 4th of July decal and a paper plate. Trace the decal onto the paper plate. 3: Trace over the decal print on the plate with the red and blue food decorating pens. 4: Continue until you have completed your plate. 5: Repeat.
I love the endless possibilities with this project! I will probably be pulling out the paper plates for every holiday this year.

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