Back to School : DIY monogrammed book

So.. first off, I am writing this post on my phone. My internet has been dead all day, which shouldn’t be a big deal. I would like to think I can live without the internet a little morw gracefully than I have been today. But, it has put a huge crutch into my schedule. And, I hate getting thrown off my schedule. I also apologize for any spelling or grammar errors. 
Anyways, onto my post! I love all the typography and graphics you can find in the stores during back to school season. But, to make things a little more fun, I decided to monogram some plain colored composition books.

All you need to do is to purchase some plain note books and glitter tape. (Because, it just has to be glitter tape! ). Cut out the tape to build your monogrammed letter. Obviously straight letters are going to be a lot easier to make than monograms such as “S” or “G”. But, just keep at it until you have completed a unique and darling custom book, one your children will be proud to carry around.

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