DIY Award Ribbons

Like I promised, this week is going to be all full of tutorials of the DIYs that I put together for my girl’s pony party. It really has been one of my favorite parties I’ve done yet, and I think it is part of all the fun DIY’s fault. I really like creating pretty things, like these adorable cupcake liner award ribbons.

I used these award ribbons for a number of different things – I awarded the children with ribbons after the party was coming to a close, I decorated the chairs out on the lawn, and I made up a festive backdrop for the food table. Once you’ve got the supplies, these award ribbons go together quickly and very cheaply.
What you will need:
Cupcake liners, small and regular sized
Standard sized brads
Fun ribbons

1: Take 3 liners of the cupcake liner you want for the bottom layer. 2: Fold the cupcake liners in half. 3: Cut into the cupcake liner, all the way until the bottom flap. continue to cut slits into the cupcake liners every 1/4 of an inch all the way around your liners. This will help the cupcake liner lay flat and look like a ribbon award. 4: Separate the 3 cupcake liners and then stack back together. This helps poof up your award. 5: Take 3 liners of the cupcake liner you want for the middle layer. 6: Fold in half and carefully cut approximately 1/4 inch off around the outside of the liner. 7: Cut slits in the middle liner just as you did the first. Separate and re-stack. 8: Take 3 liners of your small cupcake liners that you want for the top. 9: Fold and cut. 10: Separate the layers and lay them back together on top of the other cupcake liners. 11: Poke a brad through all the layers of cupcake liners. 12: Glue some ribbon to the back. 

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  1. Laura Gray says

    You could use different brads in the middle for different occasions! Otherwise, it’s a great idea and it looks fabulous Sara!!!

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