DIY Dainty Crepe Paper Roses

No worries. I haven’t forgotten that I promised to share all these fun DIY tutorials that I put together for my girl’s pony party. My internet and I have just not been on speaking terms the past couple of days. And, I’ve been a poor sport about it. Quite the whiner. But, hopefully, it will all be resolved by tonight. Until then, I am hijacking my parent’s internet for the afternoon to share by DIY crepe paper roses tutorial with you!
For my miss schmutz’ pony party, I was originally planning on having a more of a Kentucky derby style party. So, naturally, red roses were going to make an appearance. But, as the summer moved on, and the party was getting closer, my miss schmutz demanded more and more to make this pony as cowgirl as possible.
So, while my dream of vintage trophies filled with red crepe paper roses was killed, I was easily able to incorporate my crepe paper roses into a cowgirl inspired party. I am still saving my pennies to buy some vintage trophies for something (I’ll work on that later), I displayed my roses in empty spice bottles wrapped with fabric and ribbon.
So, since crepe paper roses are good with almost any party theme, you’ll want to be sure to try this easily tutorial for your next celebration.
You will need:
Crepe paper
Quick dry tacky glue
1: Cut out 4 small circles and 4 larger circles. I made mine to be about 1 1/2 inch circles & 3 inch circles. 2: Start with one of the small circles and run glue across the bottom third. 3: Roll your small circle up and pinch at the bottom. 4: Take the other 3 small flowers and, one at a time, run some glue along the bottom and wrap around your flower base. 5: Do the same with the 4 larger circles. 6: Tape either floral tape or a wooden skewer at the bottom of your flower.

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    Hi Sara, Just popping by to say hello because I’m one of the bloggers participating in the Design Dazzle Party. I’m enjoying my visit to your beautiful blog & I’m looking forward to meeting you in person!

    Warmly, Michelle
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