DIY Football Team Cupcake Toppers

So, by the pictures, you might be able to guess what college team our family roots for every year. We aren’t huge on the football scene (pro or college), but we do like to attend a game or two and watch the good games on TV. But, that doesn’t mean that those games on TV don’t deserve to be celebrated with a little team spirit DIY cupcake flag. Because, really, who doesn’t like celebrating?

But, the great thing about these DIY cupcake toppers is that you don’t have to be a BYU football fan to enjoy them. With this simple technique you can customize the flags to be any color and any letter of the alphabet.
What you will need:
“Make your own stencil” paper
X-acto knife
Craft felt
Acrylic paint
Printed out logo
Glue gun or Quick drying tacky glue
Treat sticks

1: Find the letter or symbol you would like to stencil onto your flags. I would recommend using a blocked font. I used the font Colleged, and printed it out in a variety of sizes – most of which were too big. 2: Carefully cut out your college insignia letter out of your stencil paper with an x-acto knife. It’s not a job for kids or a mom distracted by kids. Cut out your felt into triangles. Mine were approximately 3 inch by 3 inch by 3 inch. 3: Layer your stencil over a triangle and paint with your acrylic paint. 4: Remove the template and wash. Let your felt triangle dry. 5: Use a glue gun or quick dry tacky glue to glue your college flag onto a treat stick.

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